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At this rate, it looks like "Total Drama" is never going to air in Germany.

This is the German cast in the hypothetical universe that Germany aired "Total Drama Island" in September 2008 (along with Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Netherlands). WARNING: Tons of "Talking To Himself" and "You Look Familiar" is included:
Daniel Fehlow: Chris
Gerhard Jilka: Chef
Dorette Hugo: Bridgette/Beth
Ozan Ünal: Tyler/Geoff (also Sam in "Revenge", Rodney in "Pahkitew Island", and Devin in "The Ridonculous Race")
Alisa Palmer: Eva/Blaineley/LeShawna (after Veronika Neugebauer's death in October 2009)
Julius Jellinek: Duncan
Wanja Gerick: DJ (also Ryan for "The Ridonculous Race")
Marius Clarén: Ezekiel/Owen (returns as Lorenzo in "The Ridonculous Race")
Sebastian Schulz: Harold (since he shares familiarity to Napoleon Dynamite, whom is voiced by Schulz)
Lea Kalbhenn: Courtney/Izzy (returns as Dakota in "Revenge")
Maria Hönig: Katie (also "Sierra" in "World Tour", and Jen in "The Ridonculous Race")
Giuliana Jakobeit: Sadie (also Staci in "Revenge")
Claudia Lossl: Heather
Veronika Neugebauer: LeShawna (one of Neugebauer's last roles before her untimely death in 2009)
Sabine Bohlmann: Lindsay (returns as Ellody and Kitty in "The Ridonculous Race")
Nora Huetz: Gwen (also Jo in "Revenge" and "All Stars", Sky in "Pahkitew Island", and Taylor in "The Ridonculous Race")
Manuel Straube: Cody (returns as Chet in "The Ridonculous Race")
Oliver Krietsch-Matzura: Justin (RIP Oliver, 1969-2016)
Karlo Hackenberger: Trent (7 years later in 2015-16, Trent would get a promotion as host of "Ridonculous Race" as Don.)
Dominick Auer: Noah

Part 2: TDWT Newcomers/CMTDARS Host/TDROTI Participants
Part 3: Pahkitew Characters
Total Drama: Revenge of the Island (Spring 2012):
Staci, Dakota, Sam, and Jo's voice actors are returning. Here is some new blood from the seaosn 4 contestants:
B: (Goes voiceless. He doesn't scream when he is eliminated.)
Dawn: Esra Vural
Brick: Julien Haggege (also Brody in "The Ridonculous Race")
Anne Maria: Maresa Sedlmeir
Mike: Dirk Petrick (also Max in "Pahkitew Island")
Scott: Michael Wiesner (also Dave in "Pahkitew Island")
Zoey: Jill Boettcher (also Carrie in "The Ridonculous Race")
Cameron: Christian Zeiger
Lightning: Leonhard Mahlich

BONUS: TDWT (Fall 2010-Spring 2011)
Alejandro (TDWT): Max von Stengel
Josh (Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special): Dietmar Wunder

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