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Default Re: Dubs that never aired in the country where they were produced

Unique situations:

Cyberchase: The Latin Spanish dub is made in Argentina, and only the Nelvana seasons aired on cable in Latin America. Once Nelvana gave the production rights to another studio, the dub continued in Argentina and is airing on PBS' SAP track.

The French dub of Arthur: Seasons 1-6 (Cinar) were dubbed in Montreal and aired in Canada/France. Seasons 7-15 (Cookie Jar) were dubbed in Paris and aired in France. Season 16 was dubbed in Belgium… but it only aired in Canada.

Dubbed, but never aired:

The French dub of Our Cartoon President is made in Paris, but it hasn't aired yet.

The Italian dubs of Donkey Kong Country (Italia 1), Clone High (FOX) and Nature Cat (Nick Jr.) I found info about a few cast members on Antonio Genna's website, but I never found any proof on those channels' past TV schedules.
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