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Default Re: Dubs that never aired in the country where they were produced

Originally Posted by millicent
Always been fascinated by Rome's English-language dubbing scene and wouldn't mind seeing more of those actors get profiles on here, but the fact that it was predominately live action with the odd domestic Italian animated product being all they ever did makes that tough.
Wait, that's what they did? ****. I remember hearing about an olden dubbing scene in Rome, so I assumed they meant olden edited anime? Guess I was wrong. Sorry to disappoint.

Originally Posted by IMB
Are you referring to the Spanish dubs recorded in Miami? A lot of the English work runs on low profile channels like Primo TV and Kids Central in the U.S. The Futurikon stuff tends to wind up officially on YouTube.
I was referring to the English dubbed non-anime stuff, but I will admit i'm not too adamant about searching for them, as I'm trying to track other stuff atm.

To keep things on topic, I remember anecdotes about the final season of a Hungarian dub being done in Romania for Star Trek Voyager. Romania does have a fair population of Hungarian speakers, but I find it hard to believe the dub aired there. However, it was still re-dubbed with the main crew back in Hungary due to negative reception.
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