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Default Re: Dubs that never aired in the country where they were produced

If you limit it to TV, then most Canadian and U.S. anime dubs would qualify, since the majority of them were released primarily on disc or streaming. For instance, Cardfight Vanguard is the longest-running Canadian anime dub, but not a single episode has aired on TV here. It's all officially on YouTube, though, so it might be best if discussion was focused on just any sort of distribution.

Little Battlers eXperience was a split Calgary/Vancouver show that aired on Nicktoons in the United States. It never aired on TV in Canada and years later, it has yet to receive any sort of home video release or official stream. Until Toei dumped it onto Crunchyroll, World Trigger seemed to have suffered the same fate, except on an even more obscure channel.

This could change with Disney+ around, but the U.S. still hasn't seen a release of Disk Wars Avengers or more than 5 episodes of the Stitch anime. That's despite Studiopolis dubbing everything for overseas TV broadcasts. Different country and company, but Powerpuff Girls Z also matches the description.

I regularly discover things I've never heard of that were recorded in Montreal and Vancouver. The former, I imagine has a huge stash of unseen in Canada productions. There were (to an extent, still are) a lot of Canada-France co-productions that don't get released here in English. Family, Teletoon and YTV aren't nearly as adventurous as they once were. I know there's an English dub of Anatane that was recorded in Montreal. Who knows where that'll wind up.

Originally Posted by thomwim View Post
French: A couple cartoons were dubbed in Belgium for Quebec only. Like Clone High on Teletoon, and Nature Cat on Telemagino.
Note: While many Belgian dubs are only airing on TV stations in France, said channels are actually available in Belgium on cable, satellite, IPTV, or over-the-air.
I've got the reverse for you. The French dubs of Eyeshield 21 and Le Chevalier D'Eon were recorded in Montreal at Cinelume for Kaze. AFAIK, they have no Canadian release whatsoever, be it on TV, streaming or home video. Only released in Europe.

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IIRC Miami dubs are basically successors to Animax Asia/ Odex dubs. Some of them are regionfree and online, but a few are not. It's also worth noting they've dubbed non-Japanese cartoons, and usually those dubs never see wide release in the States. Or maybe I haven't checked hard enough.
Are you referring to the Spanish dubs recorded in Miami? A lot of the English work runs on low profile channels like Primo TV and Kids Central in the U.S. The Futurikon stuff tends to wind up officially on YouTube.
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