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Default Re: Dubs that never aired in the country where they were produced

IIRC Miami dubs are basically successors to Animax Asia/ Odex dubs. Some of them are regionfree and online, but a few are not. It's also worth noting they've dubbed non-Japanese cartoons, and usually those dubs never see wide release in the States. Or maybe I haven't checked hard enough.

Streamline (Los Angeles) made some English dubs of Ghibli movies for Japanese airliners, if you really push it. Frontier's (Tokyo) dubs also sometimes made primary release stateside.

Kinda wanna see that Montreal dub of Doraemon, the UVA on Doraemon's page was honestly pretty good. My guess as to why it only aired in the Caribean was due to broadcast rights only being maintained/ obtained for that area. I really doubt it was only in Barbados alone, tho.

I also remember very old anime dubs being done in Rome, Italy. Some of the Manga UK dubs of anime were outsourced to American studios.

On the whole, I admit being a little green at this stuff, so correct me if need be.
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