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Default Dubs that never aired in the country where they were produced

Okay, this is going to be a field day.

To the best of my knowledge, these TV shows did not air OTA or on cable in their production country during their run. They may, however, have received a late premiere streaming or on home media.

Doraemon (80's English dub). Cinar (a Montreal animation studio) produced this dub, but it apparently only aired in Barbados(!)

Dragon Ball Super (Bang Zoom). This dub was made in Los Angeles... for Asian broadcasts.

Fat Dog Mendoza (Vancouver). This is the only Sunbow cartoon that never aired in the USA. And I don't know if it ever aired in Canada, either. [Mendoza is streaming on Tubi.]

Pigs Next Door (Los Angeles). Fox Family (which co-produced and owns the rights outside of Europe) would have aired this cartoon stateside, but it never happened. John Goodman and Jamie Lee Curtis (who voiced the pig parents) are well-known actors, but their starpower wasn't enough for stateside TV. [Studio 100, which co-owns the toon, uploaded the show onto Tubi. So maybe the rights didn't include digital.]

Most English dubs made in Paris. English is not the official language of France.

Los Angeles and Miami have produced many dubs in Spanish (and sometimes Portuguese) for Latin America. Portuguese is not widely spoken in the USA, but Spanish is. For example, South Park is dubbed in Miami into both languages. The Spanish dub has been released on DVD (Season 3's boxset) and the first 21 seasons are on Hulu. Portuguese is out of the question due to low demand.

Conversely, many movies have received a US-exclusive Spanish dub produced in another country.

French: A couple cartoons were dubbed in Belgium for Quebec only. Like Clone High on Teletoon, and Nature Cat on Telemagino.
Note: While many Belgian dubs are only airing on TV stations in France, said channels are actually available in Belgium on cable, satellite, IPTV, or over-the-air.
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