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Default Re: Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion - English dub

Originally Posted by IMB View Post
Unfortunately, like Mansions, don't expect any credits help from Canada. The movie was released in Quebec last month and there's been zero word on English Canada. I suspect when/if it gets a home video release here, it'll default to French video with the dub as a secondary, uncredited audio track.
The physical Canadian home video release is on the 18th. It's been marketed as containing both English and French tracks, but the original version is the focus. The movie is officially out on digital platforms and I've been told the video is French only, so no dub credits. However, the official YouTube rental upload lists the voice actors:

Andrew Cownden
Brian Drummond
C. Ernst Harth
Don Brown
Fleur Delahunty
Jason Simpson
John Innes
Ken Kramer
Michael Adamthwaite
Michael Shepherd

That's obviously not a complete list, but it confirms Innes is back. Not that there was much doubt given Karl Willems directed Mansions, but the presence of a Calgary VA (Michael Shepherd) also confirms this is Ocean.

The best bet for a print with English credits right now is the Australian release. The theatrical launch just happened on May 30th.

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