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Default Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion - English dub

Well, the first English trailer for the latest Asterix film has dropped (thanks to IMB for bringing it to my attention), and it looks like the initial release will feature the Vancouver cast again (can't speak for the UK release yet). Let's see who's reprising, and who might be taking on the new roles. Here's a link to Mansions of the Gods so you can compare (some characters may require you to click on them for the voice samples).

Trailer: Getafix (0.11, 0.37, I'm not sure if this is still John Innes, but then he wasn't this animated in the last film), Asterix (0.24, 1.14, still Ken, I think), Demonix (0.32, 1.09, 1.16), Druid 1 (0.41, 0.46), Druid 2 (0.44, 0.51, 1.01), Magnetix (0.54, Richard Ian Cox?), Mentor (1.06), Caesar (1.12), Unhygienix (1.21, still Jason), Fulliautomatix (1.22, 1.41, 1.50, still Scott?), Somniferus (1.29), Obelix (1.38, still Ernst), Cubitus (1.54, don't think this is Sam somehow)
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