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Default Re: Are Vancouver dubs going to go extinct?

Originally Posted by PacoSlimee View Post
Well not to derail from the discussion about Vancouver, but I do know of one potential new dubbing scene popping up soon/maybe. That being a San Francisco based VO studio does have an anime dub lined up. I won't get into names, but all the connections I've heard seem legit and I've bumped into a couple existing SF based actors at networking spots. But this was all pre-covid so I have no idea how this potential SF dub was affected.
Not sure if this makes a difference, but San Francisco isn't 100% new to dubbing anime. They dubbed the SaiKano series, and the JOJO's Bizarre Adventure OVAs. That's not much at all, but I have to wonder if I'm missing more. I have no idea what you heard or what your contacts said, but I have to imagine it helps that some licensors/ distributors (Crunchyroll, Viz, and Netflix included) are based there. In fact, I think it was Viz who commissioned the JOJO's/ SaiKano dubs in San Francisco back in the day. I guess that's more a revival than a resurgence, tho.
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