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Default Re: Are Vancouver dubs going to go extinct?

Originally Posted by martyyahar View Post
I don't think too many new dubbing scenes are going to come about anytime soon.
Well not to derail from the discussion about Vancouver, but I do know of one potential new dubbing scene popping up soon/maybe. That being a San Francisco based VO studio does have an anime dub lined up. I won't get into names, but all the connections I've heard seem legit and I've bumped into a couple existing SF based actors at networking spots. But this was all pre-covid so I have no idea how this potential SF dub was affected.

To get back on topic, one thing I had heard back in the day was that studios in Japan would commission pilots to various dubbing markets (Like how there are pilot dubs of One Piece with Blue Water, Ocean, and Funi casts floating around). Does anyone know if this is even still a practice? I'd be curious to find out if Vancouver is just not in the discussion of being a potential dub location for some odd reason.
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