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Hello Everyone

My Name is Mark Marino but you can call me Shadow Hawk.

I am here to help find pictures of characters that have not yet been posted on this site.

Plus I have posted so many pictures of characters that the site needs but some of the time they seem to use different pictures than the ones I give them.

Plus I have things to dislike on the site such as:

1. Being ignored
2. Not being notified sooner
3. With the characters on the Avengers Earth's Mightest Heroes page not being in proper order because of Black Widow cutting in line of Ant Man, Wasp, Nick Fury, and Black Panther

and most of all
4. Being defied by people, editors and administrators over what is right!

I'm not the enemy, I am your friendly neighborhood picture finder whose here to help.
Unless you want more infractions I would select your words a lot more carefully
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