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Default Re: "Unchahted" (2021), Starring Tahm and Mahk

On the one hand, the Uncharted games already were trying really-really hard to be movies, so I don't know if changing the story-telling medium would offer much. Then again, I didn't like the games (the first two at least, didn't bother with the latter two) in the first place, so maybe just sitting back and just watching the action would be more enjoyable experience in this case

Also, I know that game fans really hate how this is going to be a prequel of sort, with a teen Nathan Drake, but Nathan Drake isn't really the most interesting character in the first place and Tom Holland is probably one of the best young actors working, so it's nice to see him getting more high-profile work (and even if this turns out as an another failed video game adaptation, he still has those Marvel movies to keep him as a profitable star).
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