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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 20th April

Liam's quest: Full Circle

Ashley shuffle

Sam is dreaming

Liam's dick (not his dick)

Not Sam's kids

"You can certainly try" quote from Liam

Bixby is dead

"Muppet babies" quote from Matt

Meet the kids

Tv's Sam Riegel

"You're too fat to be Laura" quote from Sam

Taliesin in kid form, from the film Mr Mom

"This is science" quote from Liam

Travis looks like Vern from Stand by me


Attacked from a skin-less cat

Marisha, teen form

Matt, glasses, near mullet, hawaiian shirt and a bard

"Matt, you look f*cking rad" quote from Ash-o-lee

"We lived in different states" quote from Travis

Battle with more skin-less cats

Old man gone

Sound of a war horn


Taliesin wants to serve satan

Ash-o-lee bites into dead cat

"Chew deep and revel in the insanity" quote from Matt

Ash-o-lee smears the blood from Marisha, on her face

Travis is ripped in half

Sam is slashed

Taliesin is dead

Viscious monkery by Matt

Sam is dead

Laura away due to illness

New story

Neil Druckmann walking to Ashley

All in full motion capture suits

At Naughty Dog's volume for motion capture

Sides are given

Ashley asks Neil for a prop knife

Neil asks for J.B (J.B Blanc)

Matt finally gets to work with Neil Druckmann


Acting in the volume

Tentacle monster emerges out from the floor

Neil Druckmann as fallen over

Marisha searches for a memory card

Screen says Husband

Sam talking to the tentacle bot

Neil is impaled

Marisha takes down a mechanoid being

Talesin want to kancho a bot, but fails

More Matt viscious mockery

Sam leaves his photo and resume on Neil Druckmann's fallen body

Enter a large dome chamber

Liam O'Brien in the glass chamber

Liam speaks through a speaker, robotic in tone

Chamber room falling apart

Wake up time

Special with Liam as a DM and this time Matt is a player. In a slight continuation of Liam's story of the group defeating an evil Conan O'Brien. This time its in a dream of Sam's where the group are in much younger form. Each player got their drawing of their form. The best was Matt's with his glasses and hawaiian shirt. The group was wiped out by a Demogorgon.

Second story and this time it was in Naughty Dog's volume where the group was mo-capping for a game. Matt finally got to work with Neil Druckmann (worked on Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us); but the session was interrupted by mechanical beings formed from the cabling and all electrical items in the room. Defeating the beings lead the group to a chamber where Liam was in a liquid filled glass tube and a projected Liam on the screen behind. Robotic sounding Liam (which he actually did) spoke of destroying himself to save everyone.

Good stuff from Liam, especially killing off the players so easily in the first game. Second game was more closer to the heart as if it was a way for Liam to convey his feelings towards his friends. Sam did keep it real during the second game where he lay his photo and resume on the fallen body of Neil Druckmann.
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