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Default Re: DC Showcase Batman: A Death in the Family


Honestly the interactive movie isn't all that great either. At least, not worth paying 20 bucks for it.

The first and main choice you're given in the movie is "Robin cheats Death", "Batman Saves Robin", or "Robin Dies" Two of those choices end the film with no multiple paths, and one of those two choices is just a recap of Under The Red Hood.

The only option that actually gives you several other choices and feels like an interactive movie is "Batman Saves Robin." You're given several other choices and the story diverges into multiple alternate paths when you pick that option. Some of which actually lead to some cool moments. So it's the only choice that's actually worth exploring.

It's so strange because the "Robin cheats Death" option sets up some cool ideas, but you're not allowed to choose any of them, the film just sets these things up and then ends. Basically, Jason saves himself but is injured. He becomes Hush, and then he is greeted by Talia and is shown a baby Damion. It would have been super cool to give Jason the choice to raise Damion or refuse Talia's offer, and explore both those options....but nope. He takes Damion as his ward and plans on using him to get revenge on Bruce....something we never see or explore because the film ends right there.

So two of the three main choices are kind of worthless.
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