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Default Re: Any Punch-Out fans?

Punch-Out is a great series. I've played it on NES and Wii (not too familiar with Super Punch-Out though). My favourite performance is Riley Inge as Doc Louis. He really made Doc sound like you'd expect, authoritative and like a coach, but also kind and funny. As a Canadian myself, I found Richard Newman's Bear Hugger to be hilarious.

I also loved that every single character speaks their native language. Tekken does the same thing, but not to he same extent (Lars is Swedish and speaks Japanese, Eddy and Christie are Brazilian and speak English). As for Super Punch-Out, I'm impressed that a 16-bit game used voice acting, and that it was all Charles Martinet. Super Street Fighter 2 used voice acting, but I didn't know other SNES games had it.

As for characters, I love all of the Wii characters and wouldn't mind if some o them stuck around, like the new character, Disco Kid. I wish they had more. My best idea? A female character. There are basically no women, aside from Don Flamenco's girlfriends that appear really quickly. If I had to pick one SNES character to come back (aside from Bear Hugger and Aran Ryan), I'd probably go with Narcis Prince.

Well, that was a big post. I'm interested in seeing your dream cast.
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