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Default Re: Sonic the Hedgehog

Originally Posted by SNaG View Post
Sonic - Brian Bloom
Tails - Kari Wahlgren
Knuckles - Rick D Wasserman
Amy - Dana Delaney
Eggman - Fred Tatasciore
Shadow - James Arnold Taylor
Silver - Josh Keaton
Blaze - Vanessa Marshall
Vector - Alistair Duncan
Espio - Trevor Devall
Charmy - Jennifer Hale
Brian I think would be too deep for Sonic (and this is coming from someone that actually liked Roger as Sonic). I'd say he'd be more fitting for Knuckles. Dana I think would be too old sounding for Amy, but I can see her being a great Rouge. And my thoughts on Rick as Knuckles I already mentioned.

Everyone else seems fine. I actually like the idea of Keaton as Silver and Marshall as Blaze
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