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DRRobotNick18 01-04-2020 12:40 PM

Wrong Credited Characters from MLaaTR

Watched the episode Weapons of Mass Destruction and these 2 characters were wrong credited.
Thug 1 was actually voiced by Jack Angel ( not Chad Doreck
Thug 2 was actually voiced by Chad Doreck ( not Jack Angel

TylerMirage 01-04-2020 01:33 PM

Re: Wrong Credited Characters from MLaaTR
I managed to find the episode online and listened to the voices. The short, fat thug is definitely Jack Angel's aged, raspy voice. The tall skinny thug is a higher-pitched, younger voice, and therefore is Chad.

For the future, DrRobotNick, if you could link us to the episode/scene in question to provide back-up for the claims, it'll make it a lot easier to get the bottom of mis-credits like this. :) Thanks!

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