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ZeldaZealot 01-17-2015 01:31 AM

Re: Home Studio Discussion
Thank you! I'll take a look at what he has to say!

Heisenberg991 04-14-2015 05:31 PM

Re: Home Studio Discussion
Brand new to the industry. I have an Excelvan Condenser sound recording mic with the syba usb stereo audio adapter. I tested the mic out with audacity and it seems fine. Do I need the Innogear phanton power supply adapter for condenser mic or can I return that part. If I need anything else let me know. My room is pretty soundproof and quiet.

Lapianoman 04-20-2015 06:58 AM

Re: Home Studio Discussion
Condenser microphones need phantom power to work. I don't know if you're using gear that supplies phantom power, other than the Innogear, so I can't say whether it's safe to return your power supply adapter.

Can you do some test recordings, post the samples to Soundcloud & link them here? Don't do any processing (compression, HPF, gating, etc.) and leave at least 10 seconds of silence at the beginning, so I can hear your room tone.

Kando 09-06-2016 05:35 PM

Re: Home Studio Discussion
Hello! My screen name is Kando, young voice actor, and I've barely got my home setup complete (almost!) I got my studio b1 condenser mic, preamp, macbook pro, home made ugly pop filter, reaper audio interface, and my giant cardboard box. I'm still waiting for my 3in pyramid foam. Can't wait for the delivery!

I'm curious to know if you guys had lots of trouble with your first mic.(?) I can't get reaper or audacity to pick up sounds from my mic. Not sure why when the software can recognize my preamp.. Thanks for reading!

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