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thomwim 12-18-2018 09:34 PM

The Emoji Movie
Here's my cast for a spinoff TV series:
Brooks Whelan as Gene
Jessica DiCicco as Jailbreak
Jeff Bennett as Hi-5
Jennifer Coolidge as Mary Meh
Brad Garrett as Mel Meh
Nolan North as Steven
Tom Kane as Poop
Jake T Austin as Alex
Sean Giambrone as Travis
Bit parts: Joe Whyte, Melissa Sturm, and the ADR cast of the movie

Toronto: I know that Sony Animation went down this path for its TV series of Hotel Transylvania and Cloudy with a Chance.

Christian Potenza as Gene
Katie Griffin as Jailbreak. A parallel with Cloudy with a Chance.
Julie Lemieux as Smiler
Ron Pardo as Mel Meh
Adrian Truss as Poop
Rob Tinkler as Steven

And the Japanese cast ought to return too:
Takahiro Sakurai as Gene
Tomokazu Sugita as Hi-5
Takehito Koyasu as Poop
Joji Nakata as Mel Meh
Shinichiro Miki as Steven
Rikako Aikawa as Smiler

You're good to go.

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