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RFlintstone 02-14-2018 09:19 AM

Hi! This is my plan.
Hello all,

I hope this is the right place to post it but im going to do it anyway.

Hello, my name is Ruben aka RFlintstone, a Twitch streamer with 114 followers a gamer, computer nerd, creative person and soon to be voice actor? Well, i hope so!

Anyway, why you probably clicked on this post is because i would tell my plan. So what is this "plan", this "project"? The project is a video (subscribtion) platform for everyone that is creating a cartoon or other project that involves video. So are you creating a stop-motion video, sure why not, post it!

Ooh and if this becomes a thing we will work hard on a system that will pay the creator (so they can pay the voice actors). This will probably involve a ppv (pay per view) system.

Q: Don't you have a copyright law that prevents this kind of thing?
A: Well, ofcourse there is a copyright law we need to follow but because the creators are posting it we still follow the guidelines.

Q: How much does the creator get paid?
A: We dont know yet. We still need to work out the payment system.

Q: How does the cast get paid?
A: We don't know, ask the creator ;)
The creator decides how much money the cast members get.

Q: Why subscriptions?
A: This is the easiest way to pay both parties, the host and the creators.

I hope you like my project, want to fund it? PM me on here or tag me on Twitter! (@rubenflintstone) so i can give you the link :)

Kind regards,

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