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TuxbieInArt 02-02-2019 07:25 PM

Final Space Voice casts
Would anyone like to add Final Space here?

UPDATE: (10/11/19)
can someone update this link?:

Here are the Voice cast:
Olan Rogers – Gary Goodspeed, Mooncake, Tribore Menendez, David Dewinter, Jeff, Fraskenhaur, Digital Gary, Additional voices
Fred Armisen – KVN, Eduardo, Overlord, Groom, Evil KVNs, Mega KVN, Queen, Key Guardian, Additional voices
Tom Kenny – HUE, SAMES (Carl, Hank, Orson, Noodles, Rob, Boobs), Dewinter Son, Helper Stevil, Sceptim, Melido, Thud, Timeswap Sammy, Phil, Ziznack, Additional voices
David Tennant – The Lord Commander/Jack
Tika Sumpter – Quinn Ergon, Nightfall, Fake Nightfall, Cookie Wife, Harp Graven, Melanie Dewinter, Additional voices
Steven Yeun – Little Cato, Street Vendor, Infinity Guard Captain, Helper Assistant, Death Cookies, Mr. Graven, The Blade, Officer, Grateful Alien, Additional voices
Coty Galloway – Avocato, Viro, Tera Con Officer, Additional voices
Caleb McLaughlin – Young Gary
Ron Perlman – John Goodspeed, Burner Tribe Leader
John DiMaggio – Terk, Dr. Bluestein, Superior Stone, Tera Con PA, Mooncake's Voice Box, The Arachnitects, Sal the Bartender, Super Melido, Additional voices
Gina Torres – Helper Hula (season 1), Infinity Guard AI, Infinity Guard Announcer, Additional voices
Shannon Purser – Shannon Thunder
Keith David – Bolo
Andy Richter – Gatekeeper
Conan O'Brien – Clarence Polkowicz, Chuck
Ashly Burch – Ash Graven
Ron Funches – Fox
Jane Lynch – AVA, Dartricio, Mrs. Graven, Bride
Alan Tudyk – Hushfluffles/Todd H. Watson, Frostbears, Additional voices
Claudia Black – Sheryl Goodspeed
Christopher Judge – Oreskis
Vanessa Marshall – Invictus, Helper Hula (season 2)
Tobias Conan Trost – Order of the Twelve Announcers, Eric, Nightfall's Ship AI, Infinity Guard Base Announcer, Warthrent, Richard, Catoloupe, Henry

TylerMirage 02-04-2019 11:25 PM

Re: Final Space Voice casts
I've watched the first episode so far. I like it. :laughing:

BillieWillie 03-01-2019 11:36 AM

Re: Final Space Voice casts

Originally Posted by TylerMirage (Post 152903)
I've watched the first episode so far. I like it. :laughing:

Me either :D

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