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TranslatorCarminum 06-09-2019 06:51 PM

My Self-Introduction
Hey, all! I just thought I'd introduce myself before posting my first project! I'm a linguist (MA earned, PhD in the works) with a rather unusual hobby. I translate/adapt popular song lyrics into one or more of the languages I've studied over the years! My goal is always to take as few liberties as possible with the original meaning while still fitting the original rhyme scheme.

I particularly like to do this with ancient languages just to show that they can be just as fun as any contemporary tongue. The downside to that is, as difficult as it is to find performers to lend their talents to my adaptations in modern languages, it's doubly hard to find people willing and able to sing in dead languages.

I have a BA in Spanish, but I also have at least some knowledge of French, Italian, German, Latin, classical Greek, and Old English. If you're curious about my work, please feel free to visit my YouTube channel.

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