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TheDragonwing9 12-30-2018 02:22 PM

Question about Casting Call
The Casting Call has restrictions on inappropriate language, however there are projects out there that contain just that.

If you mention that the script of the project includes strong language and inform people who wish to not apply for such a thing in advance, is it ok if you do find people who agree with these terms and work together with them on the project? Or is that in general a no-go violating the terms of service?

I must admit that this is the case for me. I just joined and donīt know any better and I do not wish to disregard the guidelines. I have also made sure to only use appropriate lines on the Casting Call page itself. Unless you consider minor pirate language offensive perhaps.

I would really appreciate it, if somebody could help me with this problem. Thanks in advance :).

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