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akersaotome 04-11-2015 06:34 AM

Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew
Thursday 9th April was the 5th edition of their campaign. This episode unfortunately does not have Scanlan as Sam Riegel was away. This episode did mark the intro for Ashley Johnson's character Pike, show casing her back story.

Critical Role Episode 5: The Trick about Falling

The embedded video player does have issues as there two overlays covering both the timeline and the controls. Although the video is playable, its not the best quality.

Highlights from this week are:

A toy replica of Castle Grayskull from He-Man is presented as it was kindly donated to Geek and Sundry.

No Scanlan, meaning there were no songs, no pelvic thrusts, no inspiration for Pike.

Travis wears t-shirt that reads "Muscle Wizards cast fist"

Clarotta (Clarence) has something to eat. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a sense of humour as he says "I hate puns!"

Most of the party members experience near death from a very heavy fall. Heavy battle with a lava pit.

Hashtag: #CastleGrayskull

akersaotome 04-18-2015 08:03 AM

Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew
Thursday 16th April was the 6th episode of the story. This had the full cast as last week Sam Riegel was absent. The most notable inclusion from this episode was the live action intro. My favourite was Scanlan as Sam Riegel does what Scanlan would do. Also, Matt Mercer can magically control gravity as he threw dice into the air and stop them from falling.

Critical Role Episode 6: Breaching the Emberhold

Highlights from this week:

Some members were Critical Role related t-shirts.

Pike kisses Scanlan, he doesn't notice.

Scanlan kisses Percy.

Pike reminds everyone that Keyleth killed a child in the past.

Tiberius asks: "what are you doing?" Vax replies: "I'm going to kill someone, hold please"

Tiberius says to everyone: "Encourage violence"

Grog turns into Mortal Kombat mode.

Scanlan sings: "As long as I got my song and flute, Gonna give you some hit points, of our love" inspired from Suit and Tie by Justin Timberlake.

Scanlan notices a buldge in Grog's pants as Lady Kima destroys a dwarf.

Grog asks Lady Kima "would you like to"

Things get very tense between two NPC's.

New hashtag #Encourageviolence

akersaotome 04-28-2015 04:01 PM

Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew
Thursday 23rd April marks episode 7 of Critical Role. Unfortunately Travis Willingham was absent so Grog wasn't around.

Critical Role Episode 7: The Throne Room

This episode managed to stretch close to 4 hours. By far the longest episode and perhaps one of the most intense. Best described as no one makes it out unharmed.


Scanlan sings "we're walking down a hall, nobody's watching us", inspired from Rockwell - Somebody's watching me and "Heal the Vax, make him a better Elf, for you and for me", inspired by Michael Jackson - Heal the World.

Scanlan takes a dump on the guest bed whilst invisible.

Liam O'Brien does an impression of Grog's "I will like to rage". Also "Vax-inate your kids". A PSA by Vax'ildan.

Keyleth becomes a Scorpion.

Tiberius becomes a god.

Scanlan tries to get the Duergar king to do a headstand, but fails.

Scanlan wins and says "you should have stood on your head".

Matt drops down an hour glass.

Trinket the hero.

hashtag #hisbestleg

akersaotome 05-02-2015 09:03 AM

Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew
Thursday 1st May, marked edition 8 of Critical Role. After last week's intense encounter, the group barely made it out of the battle and the lava pouring into the room. Once again Travis Willingham was absent.

Critical Role Episode 8: Glass and Bone


Scanlan suggests to leave Grog, causing an uproar among the group. If they did leave Grog, who would accompany Scanlan to the houses where they pay for lady favours?

Scanlan sings: "Wherever you go, whatever damage they done, we will be right here waiting to heal you". Even Pike joined in. Song inspired by Richard Marx - Right here waiting.

Clarotta and Lady Kima to keep watch as everyone rests. Scanlan asks "what if they start having sex?" (not the actual words used but it means the same). Everyone, including the chat start laughing.

The tension between Keyleth and Lady Kima becomes very frosty.

Vax says "It's not a JRPG". In regards to tentacle monsters.

Trinket turns into a Persian kitten to save weight. The females of the group love it, Trinket not so much.

Scanlan shoots himself in the foot in regards to the gender of an dwarf. Makes himself very popular among the women of the group.

It only takes 5HP (Hit points) to kill a kitten.

Watching Laura Bailey visually upset as Trinket is down.

A new hero gets the "how you do want to do this?"

return of the an old hashtag: #SaveGrog

akersaotome 05-12-2015 02:15 PM

Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew
Thursday 7th May, episode 9 of the adventure. Ashley Johnson was not available, good news was Travis Willingham returns.

Critical Role Episode 9: Yug'voril Uncovered


Scanlan tries to negotiate with Queen Ulara, but doesn't make promises to dogs.

Scanlan whilst giving a teleportation hug to Queen Ulara: "its not you, its me!"

Grog is finally saved.

Scanlan and Lady Kima walk away to talk privately. Scanlan shows off his illusionary third nipple.

Scanlan uses polymorph to grow a gigantic male genital.

Grog sketches Lady Kima as she is changing armour.

Scanlan sings "Uh push it, push it real good" inspired by Salt-N-Pepa's Push it

Keyleth turns into a shark, Grog cannon balls into the cold lake.

Grog rides a shark.

Scanlan sings "I'm on boat" by The Lonely Island.

two hashtags: #sharktoss & #1.5inches

akersaotome 05-17-2015 05:54 AM

Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew
Thursday 14th May, episode 10 of the adventure. Full cast this time where they resume in the face of battle with the undead. Travis Willingham wear's the coolest t-shirt which says "Run D&D", which is inspired from Run DMC.

Critical Role Episode 10: K'Varn Revealed


Grog says "I would like to rage, and run!"

Grog elbows Pike to the face whilst running.

Scanlan rescues Pike and says "Come with me if you want to live", gives her a hug, sniffs her hair.

Pike thanks Scanlan. He replies: "Don't worry, that hard wood is the boat"

Defeated a Cloaker, skinned it.

Scanlan sings: "When you're trying to skin a cloaker, here's some inspiration, when we're on a creepy boat, here's some inspiration" inspired by Chicago - You're The Inspiration

Pike has a snack pouch.

Tiberius sends a letter to his brother, Scanlan puts cologne on it.

Scanlan sings: "Scry, scry, Miss Keyleth scry" inspired by Don McLean - American Pie.

K'Varn form is revealed.

At the end of the show, whilst reading messages, someone posted they were working on a Trinket statue and finished a knife for Vax. Ashley Johnson became jealous as she only got is a twitch emote.

They had a Q&A after the t-shirt sales reached over a 1000 during the broadcast.

Story of Keyleth killing a child revealed in detail.

Sam Riegel asked if he looked like Tim Curry.

Vex and Trinket backstory revealed.

Scanlan fell out of a window for the funniest fail dice role, crashing three stories down.

Origin's of Keyleth's Minxy, which is a Saber-toothed cat.

akersaotome 05-26-2015 01:52 PM

Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew
Thursday 21 May, the 11th episode of this campaign and this one was grueling. Episode itself lasted nearly 5 hours.

Critical Role Episode 11: The Temple Showdown

Pretty awesome that the youtube upload is the full broadcast, including Just Dance at the end.

Gifts handed to party members, Laura gets a puppet bear and named it Trinket.

Highlights and there are alot this time:

Vax vomits on Vex's hand.

Fought against a Fomorian.

Grog speaks giant.

Vex sends Fomorian to sleep.

Grog uses fancy robes

Sam asks "is it like a French person?" while the Fomorian speaks its language.

Keyleth tries to speak Underdark, not doing too well, Scanlan intervenes and speaks in style of Keyleth.

Pike tells the Fomorian that he is handsome "pi pom pompom pomp"

Fomorian is named Tiny.

Tiberius is massively reluctant to set foot into K'Varn's temple.

Grog headbutts Tiny and wins, no cask of Ale.

Pike says "goodbye my love" to Scanlan, gets excited but Pike says it was from a movie she saw.

Scanlan songs: "Everything is awesome" inspired from Everything is awesome by Tegan and Sara
"You dropped a bomb on me, baby", from You dropped on a me by Gap Band
"So now I come to you with healing words" inspired from Open arms by Journey
"Hey baby, hey baby, hey" inspired from Hey Baby by No Doubt

Tiny turned into a mouse.

Trinket flies on a magic carpet.

Tiny in mouse form drops down, turns back into normal form and now dead. Taliesin, Marisha, Orion and Sam gave diving scores of 10, 10, 4.2, 9.3.

Fight against K'Varn the Beholder.

Grog dies, K'varn says "Who's next?"

Vex gets the "how do you want to do this?"

K'Varn resurrected by the power of Orcus.

Tiberius gets the "how do you want to do this?"

At the end, for reaching over 3000 subs, Geek & sundry played Just Dance. In the studio, Caitlin Glass paid a visit to Critical Role as she was in town. She joined in the fun. Most notably, both Matt and Caitlin with Zac and Erika danced to Dead or Alive's You spin me right round. It was Levi and Petra reunion. Caitlin also took pictures which are on a her twitter page.

Some clips with no sound of Matt and Caitlin dancing:

What I like to see happen is Laura, Marisha, Ashley and Caitlin dance to Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, whilst playing Just Dance 2015.

akersaotome 05-30-2015 06:09 AM

Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew
Special episode on 28th May, where this was a tutorial for playing D&D. Some members of Critical Role turned up. They roped in Dan Casey, Zac Eubank and Ify Nwadiwe. Zac especially was dressed as a unicorn, which was inevitably dry humped by Erika Ishii. Matt spent a large portion doing a tutorial of Dungeon mastering.

Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Tips - Critical Role RPG Show: Episode 12

A short campaign was played with the roped in guests. After the campaign, the legend of the Good, the Rad and the Nubbly was born.

It would have been good if the actors played the NPC's, however Matt was god-like in this campaign.

akersaotome 06-09-2015 07:16 AM

Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew
Thursday 4th June, continuing from the encounter with K'Varn the Beholder.

Critical Role Episode 13 Escape from the Underdark


Clarota the final boss, all Mind Flayers attack party.

Ashley's asks, why the Gnome hate?

Travis repeatedly says "I don't trust Clarota"

Marisha says "I hope they have flood insurance"

Percy kills Clarota.

Vax steps on Clarota's nuts (assuming he has nuts), takes Clarota's helmet.

Scanlan takes Pike by the hand and says "I want to have babies with you"

Scanlan sings: "So now I come to you with dimension door" inspired from Open arms by Journey.

Trinket flies again with Vex on board.

Pike kisses Scanlan on the cheek.

Vex kisses Percy on the cheek.

Scanlan pours healing potion down Pike's beautiful throat.

Scanlan turns into a Pterodactyl, squeals like one (not that anyone has heard a real Pterodactyl squeal)

Amazingly they survive, end up in a town. Keyleth kisses the floor.

Grog is tempted to put Stone form Lady Kima in the bag of holding.

Liam's references Weekend at Bernie's.

Vox Machina finally return home, meet the hired security of Greyskull keep.

Scanlan turns Tiberius into a rat, and goes to bed.

Party discuss what to do with the Horn of Orcus.

Keyleth turns into Minxy form.

Grog gets a big hug from Lady Kima.

hashtag #Critmas

akersaotome 06-16-2015 12:41 PM

Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew
Thursday 11th June marked the 14th edition of Critical Role.

Sam Riegel was unavailable and both Travis and Laura were in Florida for Metrocon so they used Facetime on the ipad. Finally, geek and sundry are now using youtube to archive Critical Role, in glorious 1080p. Monday's are now the official day when Critical Role is available to be watched outside of geek & sundry twitch channel.

Critical Role | Episode 14: Shopping and Shipping.


Tiberius has his own bag of holding.

Tiberius: "story of my life"

Vox Machina meet the Sovereign Uriel and the Council of Tal’Dorei.

Taliesin/Percy's face changes when the mention of the name Briarwood is said.

Percy catches the Sovereign, asks about the Briarwoods.

Grog asks Lady Kima if she can have relationships, Kima blushes.

Finally, Gilmore's Glorious Goods is on show.

Matt describes Gilmore's attire as a Wizard tracksuit (it at least its not made from polyester)

Gilmore and Vax go on a man-date.

Shopping and bartering as it appears Vex is the accountant of Vox Machina.

Matt was fabulous as Gilmore. No wonder he's a massive hit with the players.

No episode this week as Geek and Sundry are covering events at E3.

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