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thecartoonfan123 11-06-2019 06:43 PM

Re: The Addams Family
Maurice LaMarche: Gomez Addams
Grey DeLisle: Morticia Addams
Nancy Cartwright: Pugsley Addams
Tara Strong: Wednesday Addams
Tom Kenny: Uncle Fester
Tress MacNeille: Granny
Fred Tatasciore: Lurch
Chris O'Neill: Cousin Itt

nickscheetz 02-15-2021 12:27 AM

Re: The Addams Family
Jeff Bennett as Gomez Addams

Vanessa Marshall as Morticia Addams

Greg Cipes as Pugsley Adams

Nika Futterman as Wednesday Addams

Tom Kenny as Uncle Fester

John DiMaggio as Lurch

Tress MacNielle as Granny

Dee Bradley Baker as Cousin Itt

Jacobrl1999 03-06-2021 05:12 PM

Re: The Addams Family
How about this?

Gomez Addams - Dan Castellaneta
Morticia Addams - Catherine O'Hara
Wednesday Addams - Hynden Walch
Pugsley Addams - Richard Steven Horvitz
Uncle Fester - Richard Kind
Grandmama - Candi Milo
Lurch - Brad Garrett
Cousin Itt - Eric Bauza

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