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ghostsaiyan 08-27-2020 03:56 PM

My ideas for a Bomberman Jetters dub (so far)
Believe it or not, Bomberman Jetters did sorta get an NA release... but in the form of a game. Below is a list of my dream cast, should the anime get an NA release (and a well-handled one at that).

Shirobon/Shiro/White Bomber: Colleen Clinkenbeard (her Luffy voice)
Shout: Monica Rial
Mighty/MAX: Crispin Freeman
Bongo: Kyle Hebert
Gangu: Ian Sinclair (Romano)
Birdy: Dex Manley (Birdy's sorta like Falco in many ways); if not, then Matthew Mercer
Mujoe: Mike Pollock
Dr. Ein: Keith Silverstein

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