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myopinion1 02-01-2015 12:56 AM

Re: Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic- Samuel Vincent
Tails- Cathy Weseluck
Amy- Andrea Libman
Knuckles- Tom Kenny
Shadow- Doug Lawrence
Eggman- Jim Cummings

chaosincarnate 02-10-2015 06:14 PM

Re: Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic- Quinton Flynn would have been just about perfect in this role, but it would seem this won't ever happen since Sega missed the boat and hired him for Silver, a character who barely even gets any lines. T_T. All the main series' VA's had their ups and downs, but I feel like Ryan Drummond had the best voice, which Quinton Flynn could probably emulate very well, and deliver a solid performance.

Billy West is the only other person who comes to mind from this casting, it'd be right up his alley too. I'm sure actors like JAT and Josh Keaton would do fine too, but I feel like these guys are rather typecast and only want them for the role because of Spider-Man. The former would probably fit better than Josh because he's a more versatile actor, but it's too obvious of a casting, in all honesty.

Tails- Tara Strong could do this role justice. I know I'm guilty of type casting and this is a tad hypocritical, but she's the only actress I'm familiar with enough to be certain she could fill the shoes of Kate Higgins/Colleen Villard.

Knuckles- Roger Craig Smith would be much better and more fitting in this role.

Amy- I wouldn't mind hearing Kate Higgins have a shot at her, if she can't ever voice Tails again.

Shadow: Troy Baker would fit well, but that's just type cast to the max. Should Quinton Flynn ever get to voice Sonic, I wouldn't mind seeing him try his hand at Shadow, similar to how Jason Griffith voiced both characters.

Rogue- Aleisa Glidwell could probably pull it off well, while also sounding fairly age appropriate.

Dr. Eggman Clancy Brown if the character ever reverted to being a more serious, straight up villain, but John DiMaggio would perfectly balance the comedic and conniving intellect of the character we all know and love.

HyperVoiceActing 02-11-2015 10:25 AM

Re: Sonic the Hedgehog
You're welcome for DiMaggio as Eggman BTW

I actually never heard anyone mention Josh Keaton for Sonic. I think Billy's voice wouldn't fit Sonic too well. How do you feel about Rino Romano as Sonic and Grey Delisle-Griffin as Amy?

ConfusedPhantom 02-11-2015 11:18 AM

Re: Sonic the Hedgehog
Grey would be great as Amy, but Rino might sound a little too old for Sonic. Josh would be fantastic though.

SteelEthlan 07-06-2015 06:12 PM

Re: Sonic the Hedgehog
With due to respect and honesty, i'm gonna stay with the Studiopolis and hope i would like to see and hear any improvements in the future and gonna go with the cast that hadn't been in the spotlight (That i would update very later on).

Silly Sally 07-07-2015 11:47 AM

Re: Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic - Ian Corlett
Shadow - Brad Swaile
Amy - Nicole Bouma
Tails - Saffron Henderson
Knuckles - Mark Gatha
Rouge - Maryke Hendrikse
Omega - Sam Vincent
Eggman - Don Brown/Scott McNeil

NCZ 07-28-2015 04:27 PM

Re: Sonic the Hedgehog
Problem with people like Lowenthal and JYB is that, talented as they are, they're hired for their regular voice 9 times out of 10 and tend to play similar character types ("the hero") so as a result their characters tend to sound very similar to each other and they come off as "obvious choices". Roger's Sonic is at least a voice type we don't hear from him too often (Wonder Blue from The Wonderful 101 is one of the only others I can think of) and Sonic as a character is different from his usual roles too. I thought it seemed like a somewhat out-of-left-field casting choice at first but he definitely pulls it off.

Autovolt 07-30-2015 03:42 AM

Re: Sonic the Hedgehog
Johnny Yong Bosch would in all honesty be a great fit for Shadow.

David Humphrey's Shadow sounds a lot like JYB's voice but in deeper, more quieter and breathier tone.

I know he and Yuri are too recognizable but honestly and even though Kirk Thornton is a fantastic VA, had I been the casting director, i'd more likely would have went with JYB as I usually prefer JYB's when he plays villains or anti-heroes over most his hero roles.

I do agree with you, it's one of the reasons I like Roger Craig Smith as Sonic, you wouldn't immediately imagine him in the role and the voice itself fits Sonic well. Though I disagree that he doesn't use this too often, in fact it's one of his more commonly used voices, he uses it whenever he does The Human Torch in whatever Marvel Productions he's in.

Michaelsar 10-10-2015 09:17 AM

Re: Sonic the Hedgehog
I could see James Arnold Taylor as Sonic, E.G. Daily as Tails, Tara Strong as Cream (using her Bubbles voice) and Tim Curry as Dr. Robotnik.

Michaelsar 11-02-2015 06:20 PM

Re: Sonic the Hedgehog
What if Sonic the Hedgehog was a 60s cartoon?

- Sonic the Hedgehog: Mel Blanc
- Tails: Walter Tetley
- Dr. Robotnik: Paul Frees
- Amy Rose: Bea Benaderet
- Cream the Rabbit: Janet Waldo
- Scratch: Paul Winchell
- Grounder: Mel Blanc
- Big the Cat: Stan Freberg
- Charmy Bee: Janet Waldo
- Vector the Crocodile: Daws Butler
- Rouge the Bat: June Foray

I threw in Scratch and Grounder 'cause they'd work great in a 60s cartoon. I don't know who could do the voice of Shadow, Espio or Knuckles.

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