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Polyester Funk 02-12-2015 01:25 AM

Re: Marvel/DC Dream Casts

Originally Posted by HK-47 master (Post 88815)
I recently came up with an interesting thought: what does anyone think of Phil Morris as the Silver Surfer using his Saint Walker voice? I think that would be an interesting casting choice.

I like it. I think I had that thought once, too.

Polyester Funk 02-13-2015 12:27 AM

Re: Marvel/DC Dream Casts

Originally Posted by HyperVoiceActing (Post 88866)
Here's a cast I've been pondering as of late (some choices longer than others) I tried to keep reprisals to a minimum

Superman - Fred Tatasciore
Batman - Anthony Ruvivar
Wonder Woman - Kelly Hu
Flash - Quinton Flynn
Green Lantern (Hal) - Crispen Freeman
Martain Manhunter - Christopher Judge
Aquaman - Travis Willingham (channeling the BatB version)
Green Arrow - Roger Craig Smith
Hawkgirl - Maria Canals
Cyborg - Khary Payton
Zatanna - Kate Higgins
Lex Luthor - Nolan North
Joker - John DiMaggio
Cheetah - Cree Summers
Sinestro - Rodger Bumpass
Gorilla Grodd - Frank Welker
Black Manta - Keith David
Bizarro - Fred Tatasciore
Captain Cold - Brian Bloom
Shade - Keith Fergenson

Some good choices you've got there. I especially like Kelly Hu as Wonder Woman, Crispin Freeman as Hal, Christopher Judge as Martian Manhunter, Travis Willingham as Aquaman, Cree Summer as Cheetah, Frank Welker as Gorilla Grodd and Keith David as Black Manta.

Animeking1108 02-19-2015 12:49 PM

Re: Marvel/DC Dream Casts
Marvel's Runaways
Alex Wilder: Phil LaMarr.
Nico Minoru: Stephanie Sheh.
Chase Stein: Greg Cipes.
Karolina Dean: Hynden Walch.
Molly Hayes: Tara Strong.
Gertrude Yorkes: Kate Higgins.
Victor Mancha: Eric Lopez (Blue Beetle in "Young Justice").
Xavin: Ogie Banks (male form) and Cree Summer (female form).
Klara Prast: Laura Bailey.
Mr. Wilder: Kevin Michael Richardson.
Mrs. Wilder: Gina Torres.
Mr. Minoru: Keone Young.
Mrs. Minoru: Kelly Hu.
Dr. Victor Stein: Tom Kenny.
Dr. Janet Stein: Grey DeLisle Griffin.
Mr. Dean: George Newburn.
Mrs. Dean: Jennifer Hale.
Mr. Hayes: Steve Blum
Mrs. Hayes: Rachel Leigh Cook.
Mr. Yorkes: J.K. Simmons.
Mrs. Yorkes: Susanne Blakeslee.
The Gibborim Leader: Nolan North.

Cyclops: James Arnold Taylor.
Wolverine: Steve Blum.
Jean Grey: Grey DeLisle Griffin.
Beast: Fred Tatasciore.
Ice Man: Roger Craig Smith.
Professor X: JB Blanc.
Psylocke: Caitlyn Glass.
Storm: Estelle.
Deadpool: Nolan North.
Gambit: J. Michael Tatum.
Rouge: Tara Strong.
Nightcrawler: Liam O'Brien.
Magneto: Corey Burton.
Mystique: Sumalee Montano.
Toad: Tom Kenny.
Sabertooth: Clancy Brown.
Quicksilver: Vic Mignogna.
Scarlet Witch: Ashley Johnson.
Mr. Sinister: Ron Perlman.
Emma Frost: Laura Bailey.
Apocalypse: Keith David.

Spider-Man: Josh Keaton.
The Green Goblin (Norman Osborn): Ron Perlman.
The Green Goblin (Harry Osborn): Jason Marsden.
Dr. Octopus: Maurice LaMarche.
Vulture: Jeff Bennett.
Electro: Nolan North.
The Shocker: Troy Baker.
The Lizard: David Kaye (Dr. Connors) and Frank Welker (Lizard).
Kraven the Hunter: Fred Tatasciore.
The Rhino: Kevin Michael Richardson.
Sandman: John DiMaggio.
Venom: Steve Blum.
Carnage: Charlie Adler.
Mysterio: Billy West.
Mary Jane Watson: Ashley Johnson.
Gwen Stacy: Tara Strong.
Uncle Ben: Paul Eiding.
Aunt May: June Foray.
J. Jonah Jameson: Jeff Bennett.
Captain George Stacy: Clancy Brown.
Flash Thompson: Peter Vack (Gary from "Bully").

Iron Man
Iron Man: David Kaye.
War Machine: Phil LaMarr.
The Mandarin: Mark Hamill.
Justin Hammer: Tom Kane.
Crimson Dynamo (Vanko): Jeff Bennett.
Titanium Man: Nolan North.
Whiplash: Troy Baker.
Iron Monger: Clancy Brown.
Zeke Stane: Jason Marsden.
Wong Chu: Eric Bauza.
Temugin: Dante Basco.
Yinsen: James Hong.
Justine Hammer: Jennifer Hale.
Sasha Hammer: Stephanie Sheh.
Pepper Potts: Grey DeLisle Griffin.
Happy Hogan: John DiMaggio.
Jarvis (both human and AI): Corey Burton.

HyperVoiceActing 02-22-2015 06:06 PM

Re: Marvel/DC Dream Casts
I already made my choices for Green Lantern (Hal) and Sinestro, but I have a few more ideas...

John Stewart - Phil LaMarr (can't think of anyone better)
Guy Gardner - Steve Blum
Kyle Rayner - Yuri Lowenthel (sorry for mispelling)
Kilowog - Fred Tatasciore

Carol Ferris/Star Saphirre - Vannessa Marshall
Atrocious - J.S. Gilbert
Larfleeze - Armin Shimerman
Saint Walker - either David Kaye or James Arnold Taylor
Indigo-1 - Kari Walhgren
Nekron - Rick D. Wasserman

Bauglir100 02-23-2015 08:20 PM

Re: Marvel/DC Dream Casts
I absolutely love Ellen Kennedy's performance as the character, but if Brainy Barker from Krypto the Superdog ever appeared in any other shows/movies (she never actually appeared in the comic books and was invented for that show), I think Vanessa Marshall should voice her.

OmeedMirVA 03-02-2015 09:06 AM

Re: Marvel/DC Dream Casts
Here's my cast:

Superman - Troy Baker
Wonder Woman - Kari Wahlgren
Batman - Steve Blum
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) - Adam Baldwin
Green Lantern (John Stewart) - Phil LaMarr
Aquaman - Travis Willingham
Martian Manhunter - Jonathan Adams
Hawkgirl - Maria Canals
Flash - Neal McDonough
Green Arrow - Roger Craig Smith

Lex Luthor - Rick D. Wasserman
Gorilla Grodd - Powers Boothe
Cheetah - Gina Torres
Star Sapphire - Tasia Valenza
Sinestro - Tim Curry
Bizarro - Troy Baker
Solomon Grundy - Kevin Michael Richardson
Black Manta - Keith David
Mongul - Fred Tatasciore

Captain America - Brian Bloom
Iron Man - Matthew Mercer
Thor - Jamieson Price
Hulk - J.B. Blanc
Hawkeye - Chris Cox
Black Widow - Vanessa Marshall
Wasp - Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Darkseid - Tony Todd

Starscreamsfan 03-09-2015 07:48 AM

Re: Marvel/DC Dream Casts
I know this may be odd, but I really wish these actors could reprise their roles in either cartoons or video games.

Eric Kramer as Thor:


Rex Smith as Daredevil:

John Rhys-Davies as the Kingpin:

And I would also like it if Elizabeth Gracen played Black Widow, since she played a Black Widow type of character in The Death of the Incredible Hulk:

That's all for now.

Starscreamsfan 03-25-2015 10:44 AM

Super Powers Collection
Hey, guys. I decided to do something odd. Call me crazy, but this is what I would do if I was a time travelling recording director who was assigned to do a show based on this toyline. I would pick the best performers of the characters listed below (and two special guests for Golden Pharaoh and Cyclotron), and transport them through time to the studio. These are my picks:

Superman (Bud Collyer)
Green Lantern (Michael Rye)
The Flash (Jack Angel)
Batman (Matt Crowley)
Robin (Ronald Liss)
Hawkman (Jack Angel)
Aquaman (Bill Callaway)
Wonder Woman (B.J. Ward)
Red Tornado (Jeff Bennett)
Martian Manhunter (Carl Lumbly)
Firestorm (Mark L. Taylor)
Green Arrow (Norm Alden)
Dr. Fate (Kevin Michael Richardson)
Darkseid (Frank Welker)
Lex Luthor (Stan Jones)
Brainiac (Stanley Ross)
The Joker (Mark Hamill)
The Penguin (Paul H. Williams)
Steppenwolf (Kevin Michael Richardson)
Kalibak (Frank Welker)
Parademon (Frank Welker)
Desaad (Rene Auberjonois)
Mantis (Wade Williams)
Shazam! (Burr Middleton)
Cyborg (Ernie Hudson)
Golden Pharaoh (Ben Kingsley)
Cyclotron (Christopher Collins)
Orion (Ron Perlman)
Samurai (Jack Angel)
Mr. Miracle (Yuri Lowenthal)
Plastic Man (Michael Bell)
Mr. Freeze (Michael Ansara)
Tyr (Khary Payton)

Now, yes, some of them are deceased, but this is just if I was a time travelling recording director.

Now if you were a time travelling director, who would you pick??? :eyebrow:

Feel free to post your thoughts and VA picks in here.

Archerboy58 04-02-2015 01:58 PM

Re: Super Powers Collection
Superman: George Newbern
Green Lantern: Josh Keaton
The Flash: Neil Patrick Harris
Batman: Kevin Conroy
Robin: Casey Kasem
Hawkman: Jack Angel
Aquaman Scott Rummell
Wonder Woman: Susan Eisenberg
Red Tornado: Powers Booth
J'onn J'onzz: Carl Lumbly
Firestorm: Cedric Yarbough
Green Arrow: Kin Shriner
Dr. Fate: Oded Fehrer
Darkseid: Micheal Ironside
Lex Luthor: Clancy Brown
Brainiac: Corey Burton
The Joker: Mark Hamill
The Penguin: David Ogden Stiers
Steppenwolf: Sherman Howard
Kalibak : Micheal Dorn
Parademon: Frank Welker
Desaad: Rene Auberjonois
Mantis: J.K. Simmons
Captain Marvel: Jerry O'Connell
Cyborg: Khary Payton
Golden Pharaoh: Peter Williams
Cyclotron: Henry Darrow
Orion: Ron Perlman
Samurai: Jack Angel
Mr. Miracle: Ioan Gruffurd
Plastic Man: Norm Alden
Mr. Freeze : Michael Ansara
Tyr: Khary Payton

Music Meister 04-02-2015 05:08 PM

Re: Super Powers Collection
Please don't make separate threads when we have threads already made.

There is no reason this couldn't have been in the DC thread.

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