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HighSchoolHero 03-23-2015 09:14 AM

Good Morning Uprising - A New (and mostly original) animated movie!
A new Minecraft animated movie, with a bit of a twist! Pulling away from the norm in an MC animation and getting a bit unique! Don't expect to see any white eyes, "mobs", or other weird things! This action-comedy that freemium gamers can relate to brings a fun take on domination in gaming communities! The story - "A young boy is dragged into a war between two secret societies, one with the intent of peace and freedom, and the other bent on dictatorship, after his caretzker is kidnapped." So, if you want to audition for this, go at it! This new action-comedy will set new standards for fan-animations, and spread the message that creativity is breaking the barriers, and sending a message!
If you want to get paid, you're gunna have to get a crowd-funding campaingn going, and everyone involved who wants moeny must get an equal share, but hey, it's money!

To audition for a character, visit this link -->

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