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bluepanda 04-23-2015 03:40 PM

Overcoming Apprehensiveness
Hey guys I'm reasonably new to this whole thing but i have wanted to
get into Voice acting for years. I live in a little country called New Zealand
so there has been much opportunity for this sort of thing. I've been doing voices
and Accents since i was fairly young but I've only now decided that I want to
really give it a go.
the main reason for this post is that I'm really really really apprehensive about
auditioning for a part 1. because i don't feel comfortable doing the actual speaking
for the recordings, my partner thinks that anyone who likes anime, cartoons or
gaming is a loser and teases me to no end about it. and 2. i listen to the other auditions
and end up getting unnerved because they're usually pretty good. so how do those of you who have scored parts get over that feeling of Apprehension and just audition.

Regards Bluepanda

FMAlchemistfan01 04-30-2015 11:03 AM

Re: Overcoming Apprehensiveness
if your partner is going to tease you for liking things hes not worth your time

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