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whyofbladez 03-14-2019 01:17 AM

The Dragon That Wasn't (Or Was He?)
The IMDB and Wikipedia pages list a bunch of voice actors that are (and sound to be, for that matter) implausible. Listing big names like Burgess Meredith, Vincent Price and Mel Blanc is enough to make me skeptical.

The credits list that Paul Vitello and Vitello Productions were behind this dub, and Marc Handler as the writer; so it was done in LA. Given many of Vitello's dubs having more mainstream voice talents in them, it could be plausible this does too, but certainly not the ones I mentioned above.

Yost (1:49)
Oliver (3:31)
Mr. Waddle (5:33)
Bul Super (6:05)
Gack (6:20)
Kit Cat (11:25)
Miss Fluff (15:28)
Ram Shop Owner (18:02)
Markies de Canteclaer (22:28)
Mayor Dickerdack (24:36) - The attribution to Michael McConnohie sounds correct to my ears. Especially during the scenes at 47:44.
Mr. Tusker (24:03)
Mouse Journalist (24:34, 32:31)
Mrs. Snooper (29:25)
Mrs. Tusker (31:10)
Doctor Lockjaw (31:20, 42:36, 45:19)
Chief Snooper (31:29)
Nurse (45:12)
Butler (47:50)
Newscaster (50:09, 1:11:34)
Officer Fuzznose (57:30, 59:43)

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