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Marusero 05-18-2019 09:35 AM

New VAs for Sonic characters in TSR
Well, guys, it seems as though some of the Sonic characters have received new voice actors in Team Sonic Racing. Here are a few sources:

With that said, the following castings are:
Patrick Seitz as Zavok
Bryce Papenbrook (misspelled as Pappenbrook) as Silver
Dave B. Mitchell as Knuckles
Aaron LaPlante as Omega
Erica Lindbeck as Blaze and Omochao

Now, if the "Report News" section wasn't the right (or best) place to post this, then I apologize; I just wanted to share this out of curiosity, after I saw Dragyon's comment on Blaze's Voice Compare page and was sort of like, "For real?"

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