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Marakutanay 03-15-2019 07:44 AM

The Asterisk War
Can someone give me a hand with a couple of characters I can't identify?

Zhao Hufeng
Luo Kunzhan
Souichi Sasamiya
Yanon and Yosuga: Yanon, who speaks first, is Cristina Vee but I can't place Yosuga.
Laetitia: Laura Post?

These next characters are easier but a double check never hurts:

Ayato(Young): Dorothy Fahn.
Gustave Malraux: Joe Ochman.
Moritz and Gerd: Doug Erholtz and Imari Williams.
Shopkeeper: Imari again.
Maria: Cristina Vee.
Doroteo Lemus: David Vincent.
Nanna and Chitose: Nanna, the first one, is Marieve Herington and Chitose is Xanthe Huynh

BlueHeracross 03-15-2019 02:18 PM

Re: The Asterisk War
I could have sworn that Kimberly Woods made a tweet about being Zhao but I can't find it. So here's her website with her voice demos, I'd say they match.

Luo - Marc Diraison?

Souichi - no clue

Yanon and Yasuga - no clue

Laetitia - yeah that's Laura Post

I agree with all your guesses for the second batch of characters.

Hayworth 03-15-2019 02:29 PM

Re: The Asterisk War
Luo I believe is actually Brad Venable. His demo's got a quasi-Diraison sounding voice on it

Marakutanay 03-16-2019 10:02 AM

Re: The Asterisk War
Thanks, Brad's Anubis and Kimberly Animation/VG demo at 30 sec are pretty close to Luo and Zhao. Nice job guys.

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