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Dylanrockin 12-15-2014 02:33 PM

Pokemon Symphonic Horizon - RPG Maker XP - {ACT I}
This is the first of 5 acts of my game, that are in need of voice acting. I will be posting Act II - V when I am finished with all the dubbing roles in Act I.

In a region far away from all others, under the secrecy of an ancient veil, laid at rest the secret to the life force of all things. This life force was known as the Dragon Force, and flowed outwards from this region known as Lumia; this energy was the foundation for all life in the known world, and was controlled by an ancient artifact, known as the Space Globe. However, an evil organization known as the Dark Fangs wanted to use the Space Globe to remake the world in their own image, and because of that, a war broke loose among the people of Lumia, and the Dark Fangs. Due to the war, eight-years ago, the Space Globe was used to re-stabilize the flow of Dragon Force by a young girl and her faithful friends. Once the world’s Dragon Force re-stabilized, the young girl and her companions split the Space Globe into eighteen fragments, and hid them away in protected sanctuaries; so that no one could ever use the Space Globe for evil ever again. As for the heroes who made all this happen, their efforts were all but in vain. The heroes were betrayed by one of their most loyal companions, and revealed himself to be the true leader of the Dark Fangs; he then struck his friends down, one-by-one, on the lonely coast of Dawn Beach. Upon their defeat, a grim fog began to take over the coast-side of Symphonic Beach, and leaving a mark of betrayal among all the people of Lumia. Feeling no remorse towards the actions he has caused, the boy temporarily disbanded his organization, and began plotting his next big ambition. However, all is not lost, as new heroes begin to make their arrival to stop the boy’s plan, and bring peace to the region of Lumia.

There are 2 story lines, one for the male character and one for the female character.

The available characters to voice act for are

- (male) Vice Advent: The plot for the male character revolves around understanding the meaning of his existence, you are washed up on a beach forever shrouded in a white colorless fog, called: Dawn Beach. You find a lone Pokemon Box near a grave and to only find out that it is being surrounded by the Ex-Champions Pokemon mourning near it. Inside of the Pokemon Box is a very special Eevee that possesses more power than a normal Eevee (basically with higher stats and a MUCH wider move pool)

- (female) Marissa Brennan: For the females story, it revolves around Marissa looking for her parents and helping Vice save the planet from an unstable, yet ubiquitous force called: Dragon Force. She does this with the main character by collecting items called Space Orb Fragments, only to piece them together and create the Space Orb and take it to a location called Destiny Outlook, where they can re-stabilize the flow of Dragons Force; or else the Planet's Cry will take place and the world will fall into ruin and all life will cease to exist. However, there is a evil organization called The Dark Fangs that want to use the Space Orb to destroy the world, and then re-create it in their own image (kinda like Team Flare, except my idea came first ) The leader of the Dark Fangs: Nero, is almost an exact twin to Vice, however they are not related, and Nero despises Vice for their similar appearances, as Vice closely resembles Nero's brother Zane; who died eight-years prior to the events that take place in this game.

- (female) Hiro Monochroma: The Inheritor of Time, and the Legendary Trainer who controls Dialga; and was put into an eight-year sleep at the City of The Timeless. And also has feelings towards Vice. She is rather calm and gentle. She can be really sweet and understanding as she cares very much for the whole party, and more so for Vice than any other. You do have the choice later in the game at who you prefer more, whether it be Marissa or Hiro. Depending on who you choose determines the ending of the game. However the results during the ending always play out the same. Also Hiro became the Inheritor of Time eight-years prior to the events that happened now; as she was just a normal everyday trainer before this.

- (female) Eevee: Vice's ever present companion throughout the entire course of the game that rides around in his little backpack. She was owned by Ariana Marie Valeria who was the previous champion of the Lumia Region, but died eight-years prior to the events that occured in this game. Eevee is an adorable female fennec fox that guides the player through most of the complex areas of the game, and tells the backstory to the areas you vist.

- (male) Nero Cresthart: The main villain of the game. Who is the twin brother to Zane Cresthart who passed away eight-years prior to the events in the game. He is the leader of the Dark Fangs, an evil organization bent on destroying the world, and then recreating it in their own image.

- Serena: This is the same Serena from Pokemon X and Y, and she makes herself as one of your teams party members. She first encounters Vice and Marissa when Vice is beaten by Nero in Lush Prarie and saves the two of them in the nic of time. She was taking a break from the Kalos Region to settle down in the newly discovered Lumia Region and has since been living there for only one-year. Her closest friend there is Vivian Vance, and she tends to be very caring towards the rest of the party.

- Vivian Vance: She is a very extroverted and excitable young girl. She decides to follow Vice and Marissa once she realizes that Vice isn't really a Dark Fang, and misunderstood their actions. Which she originally thought was that they were going to attack Shaymin Village, but instead decided to go onto a detour and visit it. Vivian is for the most part very childish, but very cunning and also very sneaky. As she helps the party later on in the game escape from the prison that they were captured in, by the Dark Fangs. She is also very skilled in Pokemon battling, especially during the first battle with her as she boast a whole team of VERY threatening Pokemon, which even if you lose in the fight, you get an alternate scene rather than getting a game over screen.

So leave me a comment saying who you would like to voice act for, and make sure to add me on skype when you confirm who you would like to do :)

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