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Animeking1108 01-19-2021 12:01 PM

Scott Pilgrim
With the re-release of the game on current-gen consoles, I've been on a Scott Pilgrim kick and I checked to see if there was a thread on here for it and found one hasn't been made yet (granted, Google has a history of being unreliable for this site). I always wondered what would happen if a SP animated series got made (either as a mini-series, or as a three season series adapting two books per season). Due to its anime influence, I can see a potential animated series having a predominantly anime voice cast.

Main Characters
Scott Pilgrim: Robbie Daymond.
Ramona Flowers: Laura Bailey.
Kim Pine: Erin Fitzgerald.
Stephen Stills: Travis Willingham.
Wallace Wells: Ben Diskin.
Knives Chau: Stephanie Sheh.
Young Niel: Kyle McCarley.
Envy Adams: Erica Lindbeck.

The League of Evil Exes
Matthew Patel: Eric Bauza.
Lucas Lee: Matthew Mercer.
Todd Ingram: Griffin Burns.
Roxanne Richter: Mae Whitman (I mean, why not get a role reprise from the actress who was already an experienced voice actress?).
Kyle Katayanagi: Johnny Yong Bosch.
Ken Katayanagi: Dante Basco.
Gideon Graves: Troy Baker.

Side Characters
Julie Powers: Kari Wahlgren.
Stacey Pilgrim: Ashly Burch.
Mr. Chau: Greg Baldwin.
Lisa Miller: Erika Harlacher.
Lynette Guycott: Cristina Valenzuela.
Negascott: Robbie Daymond.
Joseph: Brian Posehn.
Michael Comeau: Kyle Hebert.
Tamara Chen: Xanthe Huynh.

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