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MLProductions 03-17-2014 07:54 AM

Legendary: An Anime Style Audio Book
Legendary is inspired by Japanese anime with an American flare. It combines numerous genres including shounen, romance, comedy, ecchi, martial arts, fantasy and science fiction. The general story is about a fabled extraterrestrial race known as the Dogma invading and destroying the Milky Way galaxy in the near future. This rumor, no matter how farfetched it may seem, catches the attention of the Milky Way's Gods. All the Gods (Christian, Greek, Roman, Norse, Egyptian, Babylonian etc.) Who reside in what is known as Arcadia, the ultimate paradise (The huge light at the galaxy's center), are split and unsure what to make of the rumor, mainly because they have other pressing, immediate and tangible problems to deal with. Most humans, who have advanced technologically over the years, know not of the rumors, gods or any other intelligent species but their own at this point but there are few who do, mainly those entrenched within the world of Martial Arts. In the year 2096, 4 years before the invasion is said to happen, it is the goal of 4 martial arts masters to gather and train a select group of individuals as their disciples in order to defend Earth in case the rumors prove to be true. All the disciples are very unique and each have their own intriguing backstories which lead to many subplots involving the holy, unholy and another race known as the Dragoonity for the next 4 years. They also dwell into the world of Martial Arts that most of everyday humanity is unaware of. This is their story, this is how they become Legendary.

Further story explanation can be provided with a simple message to me.

This is a Light Novel series which I hope will one day lead to a manga which in turn will lead to an anime. First drafts of Volumes 1 & 2 can be found on WattPad. I am currently working on rewrites (more defined/details, less grammatical errors) of those two as well as Volume 3 and illustrations for scenes in the series. June is when I expect to finish everything. The prospect of releasing audio books shortly after the digital release for the small fan base the series has garnered was intriguing so I said why not. Auditions for characters in Volumes 1 & 2 are open with Volume 3s coming later. Anyone is welcome to audition.

The Project Link with all the characters, their descriptions/bios and audition lines is

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