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SephiVA 12-21-2020 09:41 AM

Shadow of Spider-man

A spiritual sequel to the Antithesis project (that's on an indefinite hiatus), this one crossing over with the Marvel Universe as a fan project based on this premise- what if the series had taken place within the Marvel Universe all along? With that in mind, Ben Parker- son of Peter Parker and is the current Spider-Man, falls in battle. Joshua Worthington- the retired Black Wraith, takes on the mantle as the new Spider-Man and a heroic little adventure ensues.

Depending on what happens with my voice actors, more roles may be available soon. Starting out, only need two so far. This is a two parter- but could be expanded to more in the future.

NOTE: due to a glitch with casting call- Antithesis was listed 3 times. Attempts to talk to the owner yielded no results. Thus, the comments are from that old project because I'm using the same project page. This is a spiritual sequel anyway.

Also note: I updated the shadow of Spider-Man image, but not sure if it'll ever appear in the above or not, despite being uploaded.

SephiVA 01-26-2021 05:30 AM

Re: Shadow of Spider-man
I'm still looking for someone for the role of an Englishman as a version of Nova

SephiVA 02-04-2021 05:33 PM

Re: Shadow of Spider-man
role casted! Now we just need a male narrator, for the moment! :)

oh and a minor female role.

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