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JCDeLaTorre 02-24-2014 01:07 PM

Casting Call Open - Continuum Force!
Hi there folks!

Casting Call Project: Continuum Force

We have one spot left in our casting call for our new sci-fi audio drama Continuum Force.

CF is about a decorated Air Force Lieutenant Colonel takes command of a top secret elite force that embark on time travel expeditions into the past. On a mission to chronicle the fall of Rome, they encounter an alien force bent on changing important events in the evolution of human history.

The role we're audition for is our main engineer David Cox. It is an experience only (non-paid) recurring role. You will receive a copy of the finished work for your cv.

The character is an African American male. Cox knows all of the inner workings of the CTC Device. Serving as the chief engineer on missions, he ensures that the device continues to perform at optimum levels. He is also an expert in the propulsion engines that lift the device into space and time.

It's a major role as the character is part of the main team.

Here are some audition lines:
Cox (emphatic): “Nothing can do that. The alloy is too strong. It can’t be destroyed.”

Cox (weakly as if coming out of a daze): “She’s gone, sir. The last string fried the circuitry. It was a miracle we even had enough juice to pull it off. The feedback from the lightning weapon transfigured into an electro-magnetic pulse.”

Cox (sadly): “Sally...I think she sacrificed her ion battery for us. It was unaffected by the EMP.”

Deadline is March 8th and can be sent to [email protected] or on the Casting Call Project site:. We would prefer a format of 44100hz 192 mp3. You can name the file - YourName.DavidCox.mp3

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