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  1. Metabad
    4 Days Ago
    Speaking of BoJack Horseman and Breaking Bad connections, I noticed they both used "A Horse With No Name" by America (though BoJack used a cover of it.) I found that really cool since Breaking Bad got me into that song in the first place so hearing that cover in BoJack was pretty dang cool.
  2. Metabad
    4 Days Ago
    Most of my enjoyment of Todd admittedly comes from the idea of Jesse Pinkman doing all this ****. He kinda makes me laugh at times but overall yeah I mostly prefer the other characters. I think my favourite might be Mr. Peanutbutter. Based on how Bojack reacts to him you'd think he'd be some annoying asshole character, but I actually find him really charming, goofy and likeable. Plus I can't get enough of his intro theme song, really glad they expanded on it and made a full version.
  3. Metabad
    4 Days Ago
    Yeah, I really liked how it delved into why she acted the way she did throughout her life, you really felt for her throughout her life which makes it even more sad that she ended up having dementia. It was brilliantly done.
  4. Metabad
    4 Days Ago
    Ahh yeah, I love BoJack Horseman. I haven't watched the new season yet but if you want to talk about any of the other seasons I'd be more than happy to discuss them.

    I'm watching season 3 of Better Call Saul now, so I guess I'll have something on my plate once that's finished.
  5. Metabad
    4 Days Ago
    Ooo-kay, I actually just found a video of Gabe Dell playing another role:

    Definitely hearing Holiday Special Boba Fett here especially in the first part, and I can definitely hear why he was mistaken for Don Francks, he has the same sort of rasp that reminds me a lot of Don's roles in general.

    What I don't get is the fact that the animation in the Holiday special is done by Nelvana, and since Don Francks has a similar raspy voice and regularly provided voices for them, why they'd go out of their way to get a guy who never worked for any of their productions before or since for this one role when Don would most likely be more accessible to them?
  6. Metabad
    4 Days Ago
    Yeah, I'm not entirely sure myself. I do hear Don when he yells out "SETTLE DOWN!" in the holiday special, but the rest of it I always felt sounded a little different from Don's other roles and if it's Gabriel then I guess that could be why. It could just be different direction, though.
  7. Metabad
    4 Days Ago
    I guess in that regard, FLCL was pretty much lightning in a bottle and it'd be near impossible to capture the same magic. At least Alternative seems better, maybe I'll skip Progressive and go right to that, IDK.

    Also I read on a site that an actor named Gabriel Dell might've voiced Boba Fett in the Star Wars Holiday Special, but Don Francks did voice him in Star Wars: Droids apparently.

    Not sure if this credit is fake or not. Could you check this out and let me know if you think he sounds different at all than the Holiday Special Boba?
  8. Metabad
    6 Days Ago
    That's what I've heard so far although I heard there are still some problems and it's nowhere close to the level of quality FLCL is.

    Hopefully it's like anti-Samurai Jack season 5 and it'll get better as it goes on.
  9. Metabad
    6 Days Ago
    Very good quote.
  10. Metabad
    2 Weeks Ago
    The only thing I just noticed is that he seems to have not posted anything since September of last year, although maybe he's signed on since then and just not posted anything. IDK. Either way I'll let you know if he responds.

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