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  1. Dr.Who
    Seems the Savate user seems to agree as well here- if you don't mind me asking, are you this Dimensionalist too?

    I like a lot of posts in this thread.
  2. Dr.Who
    Hey there, man, thanks for agreement on the scripts! Felt like I was the only one who noticed this, really.
  3. Dimentionalist
    Savate - I certainly agree that that the TPCi-era scripts are worse than the Advanced Generation ones. Still, the seeds were planted in AG. I think regardless of when the Pokemon dub started to become bad is, we can still agree that the current dub is as bad as it's ever been.
  4. Savate
    Hi there, Dimensionalist: I just wanted to address what you said in the May VC by VM to clarify my thoughts-- I strongly disagree that the script writing in Seasons 6-8 was anywhere close to as bad as it has been in Seasons 9-17. Yes, the lightbulb joke was bad, but it's nothing compared to having TR speak in alliterations 24/7, "Dig it, jack/lugs/my aching mug," Ash's "o'course/kay/ya see/ya know/Nathaniel reminds me o'me/Froakie, time to put your foot on the gas," Brock's, "A man's gotta do" line, etc.

    See, James Carter Cathcart had Kathy Borland and Stuart Ferris in Seasons 6-8 with him, so they helped to minimize the amount of crappy lines in AG's English dub. However, when TPCi took over, James Carter Cathcart was then placed with Z Pang America, unfortunately making the script writing much worse, IMO. If needed, I can provide more examples as well.

    Thanks a lot for hearing me out,


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