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  1. GreenGoblin75
    In terms of DBZ, I'd have to say Kai is my favorite.

    Harmony Gold had good acting, but all the changes made it seem like a different show.

    The Ocean TV version was pretty good at first (especially Brian Drummond & Scott McNeil) but it kinda degraded around the Cell Saga.

    Pioneer Ocean Movies were REALLY good, but I could never get into Kelamis' Goku. I get that he sounds the most like Nowaza (and her acting is really good) but the high pitch of their voices just didn't work for me.

    Funi Initial and Remastered were just awful honestly. Terrible acting, unfitting music, and weird dialogue just sunk the thing down. Thankfully, they got better by Kai.

    The acting, better music, better dialogue, and everything else made Funi Kai my favorite.

    Looking forward to Ocean Kai.
  2. GreenGoblin75
    Well, personally FMA 2003 is my favorite dub because of the acting. Just the emotional depth of Vic, Aaron, Dameon, Travis, Colleen, & Wendy's performances helped make it such a great dub.

    Of course the story itself is really great too. I enjoyed the show till about episode 42(ish) post-Scar's sacrifice. It got kinda weaker after that, and Luci Christian's Wrath got on my nerves at times, but it was still good.

    Yeah interesting that the Japanese cast didn't return for the 2003 anime. I'm thinking it was because of the difference in characters. Rick would be a good Brotherhood Scar.
  3. GreenGoblin75
    Also, if Nolan North were to play Scar, I was thinking of having him use his Itachi Uchiha/Masked Man voice.

    I was surprised how different Dameon Clarke and Ryotaro Okaro (I think that's his Seiyu's name) sounded, but they both did a good job.
  4. GreenGoblin75
    Hey, just had a question to ask. What's your opinion on the DBZ dubs (Ocean, Funi, & Kai)?
  5. Domayv
  6. Domayv
    any good
  7. Domayv
    seen my Vancouver cast of Persona 3 and 4
  8. CelestialOuroboros
    If there's one anime I can name right off the bat in which I prefer sub over dub, then Medaka Box S1 and 2. Quite frankly the original cast wasn't hot crap, but the seiyuus were far better compared to the English dub treatment Sentai Filmworks gave it. Whenever MB's English version wasn't merely average, it also sounded pretty mediocre and kinda dull. Whilst there were highlights (namely Clint Bickham as Kei Munakata), the standouts were essentially overshadowed if you get where I'm coming from. An overall meh experience coming from an otherwise intriguing series which should've earned future seasons.
  9. CelestialOuroboros
    I'm in the same camp, actually: dubs via enjoyment and subbing because appreciation. Hunter x Hunter (2011) is the sort of show which could've benefited more from receiving a union English dub, especially since the JPN cast is *so* great. It was real nice seeing the likes of Miina Tominaga, Wataru Takagi, Keiji Fujiwara, and Rikiya Koyama attached to that. As it is now so far, I'm liking it, though it doesn't quite possess the pizazz that the original had yet; at least Cristina Vee as Killua is a pleasant surprise IMO.
  10. HylianBelmont
    You're welcome. It's strange seeing my comment again though because I was in a bar in france three weeks ago when I posted this haha!

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