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  1. MasterBlaster
    Something like that. XD

    I wanted a certain sense of flow with the clips I chose, but I also wanted some amount of context as to what was going on in the clips in general, while still running around the time limit required for a voice compare (I think the length of a clip needs to be around 40 secs to a minute, IIRC).

    Since Marucho and Runo was largely going back and forth between the PC and Dan, I opted to exclude Dan's line while he's talking to them.

    Alternately, I was thinking about leaving that line out and including Dan's speech to the PC about the upcoming tournament after that cutscene in particular, but felt that the previous cutscene was a bit better in a way. XD
  2. 8000 Saiyans
    8000 Saiyans
    You're actually perfectly fine to talk to me if you want, but I simply don't need you to always ask me if I'm active.
  3. Music Meister
    Music Meister
    It's fine
  4. MasterBlaster
    That's understandable, man, and it makes sense to me--we all have differing opinions on stuff, after all! It's what makes us all unique! (a bit corny, I know, but... ya know)

    Honestly, I could see Griffith as maybe Masquerade or even Ren from season 3!
  5. MasterBlaster
    Thanks, man! Glad to hear that you agree!

    I could see most of these VA's working out pretty well, with the exception of Griffith--I don't know, I think he's a great VA, but thinking back to some of his roles, I don't think he'd be a good Dan.

    Everyone else is fair game, though, and I can totally imagine them potentially voicing Dan.
  6. MasterBlaster
    Definitely McCord, without a doubt. Guy originated the role and had an entire series to refine and perfect it.

    Bukhari's a decent stand-in and does decent enough, even if his voice for Dan is higher-pitched than McCord's, but lacks any of the nuance that McCord's Dan has. Plus him being restricted by having to imitate a previous actor (and also likely the voice direction he was given) doesn't really help, either.
  7. Music Meister
    Music Meister
    Yeah, I check in on most forums to make sure everything is in order.
  8. MasterBlaster
    No problem! Glad I could help, bud!
  9. MasterBlaster
    Better and better, to be honest! Better enough that I actually managed to finish the sound clips! Sorry for the wait and all that.

    I decided to source Scott McCord's soundclips from the game, as opposed to the anime, since I felt that comparing them on that level (game vs. game) would make sense (plus, the anime was ADR while the games were prelay, IIRC).

    I also decided to do two versions of McCord's soundclips, one with a bit of tutorial chatter and one without, but with a bit more cutscene dialogue. So you can decide which one you like a bit more.

    (Scott McCord V1) https://picosong.com/wJwSB/
    (Scott McCord V2) https://picosong.com/wJwSU/
    (Awwab Bukhari) https://picosong.com/wJw6F/
  10. 8000 Saiyans
    8000 Saiyans
    Can you please quit with your "You there?" replies? They're annoying as hell. You don't need to worry about me not replying. I'll reply to you when I have the time.

    And yes, I do remember all of that. And those suggestions for those Sonic characters can probably work although my memories of their work on Beyblade Metal Fusion are memories I wish I could forget.

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