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  1. GreenGoblin75
    Had a chance to check those videos yet?
  2. 1dbad
    I was happy to see it too. Originally, they never planned to offer more than the undubbed seasons of GX and 5D's subbed. But they subbed all of 5D's as a test, to gauge audience interest in subs. And if all the series getting subbed now is any indication, they certainly saw the demand!

    I'll definitely get to it at some point, and will be sure to share my thoughts with you when I do! I'm already watching one long-runner at the moment, but I'll get to Conan once I catch up on it.
  3. 1dbad
    Crunchyroll's been listing the series on their most popular titles list, so I don't think we have to worry. As long as the demand's there, I doubt they'll quit.

    I might see if I can find a canon episode list so I could work my way through the series quicker. Just the design of Conan alone suggested he's a very different kind of protagonist, so I look forward to seeing him in action. It's always refreshing when a character prioritizes logic over fists.
  4. 1dbad
    Just have to take what we can get, I suppose.

    I knew it! It's one of those series I've been meaning to check out for a while, but haven't gotten around to yet. I take it it's as good as they say?
  5. 1dbad
    I do think a second attempt at an uncut dub would fare much better, because they had a lot going against them the last time around. But it all comes down to whether or not 4K Media wants to give it a shot, and yeah...

    Do I spy Detective Conan in your avatar?
  6. GreenGoblin75
    Oh, I've been watching the CGI Clone Wars recently.

    I was wondering if you've seen either of the Clone Wars series? I haven't seen the 2003 one yet, but I really like the 2008 one.
  7. GreenGoblin75
    Are you a Star Wars fan?
  8. 1dbad
    Yeah, as those myriad of examples shows, subs for localized dubs are really rare. The fact Yugioh is one of the exceptions in that regard goes to show how great the demand must be.

    Agreed! Their talent pool is one of the biggest reasons I want an uncut dub. I'd love to see what they could do with better material, and an uncut dub would help more people discover just how different the two versions of the show are.

    I hope so too. In any case, it's not an issue we'll deal with often. The movies are the only thing they're capable of releasing dual-audio, unless their dubbing practices change one day.
  9. 1dbad
    I think they'll start it once they finish subbing Arc-V. (which should be in August?)

    Yeah, they make some really strange casting choices... At this point, I'm just happy we have a simulcast. I still want an uncut (or at least Darkside of Dimensions caliber) dub, but I've almost given up on it.

    What's odd is 4K Media did properly subtitle the movie for a limited run theatrical screening of the Japanese version a while back. I'm guessing this may be an issue on Anchor Bay's part. Their recent release of Ghost In The Shell caused a controversy due to a few different issues, one of which being using dubtitles instead of subtitles.
  10. 1dbad
    I like the improvement too. They're getting shockingly good about it. Only series left that needs to be subbed is Zexal!

    I didn't mind the Arc-V cast too much (minus the crazy ones like Gong being changed from a samurai to a cowboy), but the faithfulness of the script really took a nosedive. I'd like to be hopeful for VRains, but it feeling like 5D's 2.0 so far isn't making me optimistic.

    I'm also getting a bit concerned for Darkside of Dimensions release. An anime review blogger got a copy of the Blu-Ray (4K Media sent it to him early for review purposes), and he's saying that there aren't any subtitles for the Japanese version. Apparently the only closed captioning available is dubtitles, which don't match the Japanese dialogue at all... I'm really hoping this ends up being an issue with just his copy rather than the release as a whole.

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