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  1. HylianBelmont
    Do you want "Walden James" to pop up somewhere in SOV out of curiosity? He has a pretty unique voice that I feel would work for Leon pretty well honestly.
  2. HylianBelmont
    I found that Shura was really useful in Conquest, especially with his Killer Bow during Chapter 24 (God bless him and Niles for their help during that Map. Seriously.)

    But yeah Scarlet's grand and I'm REALLY sad that you couldn't use her past Chapter 18 of Revelation...

    Charlotte was pretty fun to use in Revelation definitely! Really liked the way Brianna Knickerbocker delivered her Critical hit lines like "You're nobody!"
  3. HylianBelmont
    So, what's one of your favourite characters in Fates gameplay-wise? I'm a big fan of Shura myself. He always ends up pretty strong regardless of what route you use him in, and the Adventurer's animation when they backflip and kill an enemy is always so satisfying to watch.
  4. HylianBelmont
    I'll hold out on saying which cast I think is better until I beat all three paths of Fates but both are very well-selected IMO!

    Yeah Matt's a great singer from what I've heard so I'm sure Shigure will sound fantastic. I just hope the inevitable criticism he's going to get from some people isn't completely over-the-top, like a Downpour of misguided hate or something. Because while I'm all for constructive criticism that would be a bit silly if that were to happen hahaha!
  5. HylianBelmont
    So now that the page for Fates has been updated I have to say. Regardless of what people may think about the dub of Fates itself you can't deny that, on paper the whole cast looks freaking phenomenal. Like seriously. if you had told me that an english dub by Nintendo would have a Broadway singer. Cartoon VAs like E.G. Daily, Cam Clarke and Roger Rose etc. Your usual RPG english VAs like Mercer, Bailey, Lowenthal AND Seattle-Based VAs like Adkins and Laura Faye Smith. Then I wouldn't have believed it.

    Sorry if this message comes off as pointless projecting. But I just think that the voice cast that Kris Zimmerman has put together is just fantastic and I'm curious as to what you think about it.
  6. HylianBelmont
    Rena truly did do a phenomenal job with Azura's singing. Some people seem to dislike it because the lyrics aren't the same as the JP version, but coming from someone who's never heard the JP song, I think she does a fine job.

    I remember seeing stuff like "They hired a no-name VA for Azura who can't sing!" and it just makes me laugh because Rena's a broadway actress haha!

    I'm also looking forward to hearing Matt's version of the song. I recall him tweeting about that at one point, and I'm happy they're keeping Shigure's speaking and singing voice the same like they did with Azura.
  7. HylianBelmont
    And as for Selkie and Peri. While I do agree that it is kind of distracting how similar they sound at times, at least they're performed well and sound different enough (to my ears anyway) to where I don't immediately think of the same character you know? or maybe I don't really have a problem with them because I honestly find their raspy voices adorable as heck but that's besides the point.

    So yeah overall I'm happy with the way the voice cast of Fates turned out. It also used some of the VAs in roles you wouldn't really expect them in, which is also something I rather appreciate.

    (I'm Sorry if all of that was a chore to read haha. Hope I worded it well enough.)
  8. HylianBelmont
    IMO. Some of the triple and double castings really impressed me, For example it may be because I haven't heard his higher-register before but I would never have guessed that it was Matt Mercer that played Shigure, and his Azama is pretty fun to listen to as well.

    One thing in particular I like about it is that even though guys like Max Mittleman and Cam Clarke etc. play multiple characters most of the VAs manage to give their respective roles in the game distinctive voices that sound completely distinguishable from each other. You get what I mean? as opposed to making me think "Oh that's just (insert VA here) playing these certain characters but with slightly different variation in their voices" which is how I feel about Yuri's characters in the game unfortunately.
  9. HylianBelmont
    Hello! How are you doing?

    I just wanted to ask. How do you feel about the dub of Fates doing double and triple castings for various characters in the game?

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