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  1. PsychicVoiceSpy
    I enjoyed seeing all these idiots humiliate themselves in front of the public. Caught in embarrassing lies again and again. I was particularly excited to see how this would shake things up, and all the memes that would come out of it.

    But after hearing these new things about just how degenerate and slimy these pieces of trash are, it's gotten to the point that I'm starting to feel sick to my stomach. It especially hurt to read that person's words about Stephanie and knowing just how much it must have sucked to feel like her Dragon Ball legacy was being forgotten, and she couldn't even pursue voice acting anywhere else because Sabat is such a fat, bald, idiotic waste of flesh who just keeps shitting on her even after she's been gone from Funi for years.
  2. PsychicVoiceSpy
    I know. It's fucked.

    Y'know, I haven't been taking this whole situation that hard. Like most people on here, I was interested in pursuing voice acting as a teen, but then gradually lost a lot of my interest in doing it professionally. And as I said before, the way the VA's started acting on twitter over political **** is what really got me to think lower of them. By the time the Vic scandal rolled around, I was pretty much over them for the most part. I still liked their acting, but I thought they were douchebags whom I no longer had any interest in ever meeting or working with.

    This whole time, I've been kinda nervous, kinda pissed off for Vic's sake, and from seeing how the VA's keep one-upping themselves in being such arrogant, disgusting human beings, but I was also entertained.
  3. PsychicVoiceSpy
    I hope that Toei doesn't sell Dragon Ball to Crunchyroll, though. They're pretty awful themselves, and I wouldn't be surprised if someone working with them could get involved in this legal battle as well.
  4. PsychicVoiceSpy
    I seriously, genuinely hope that Toei yanks the Dragon Ball rights from Funi after all this comes out. Think of the memes! There's no way they won't catch on! People will take those recordings and edit the audio to footage of the characters. Toriyama/Toei's characters will be saying offensive, outrageous sh*t (worse that TeamFourStar ever did) and it will be all over the internet.

    The Vic controversy gave them the first wave of bad publicity, Funimation's insulting treatment of Dragon Ball consumers gave them the second, and now these stupid recordings that Funimation decided to hang onto might just destroy them. And Toei can't be pleased with this one bit.
  5. PsychicVoiceSpy
    Last night's teaser was a riot. I'm looking forward to seeing what else those virtuous, cancel culture-promoting idiots had to say behind closed doors.

    And you know what? If it weren't for the times we're living in, I really wouldn't care much at all what kind of edgy, offensive, stupid things they say together. But hey, people like them are just fine with other people's livelihoods being ruined over things like this, so I don't feel much sympathy for them at this point.
  6. PsychicVoiceSpy
    Nice job getting Sabat to authenticate his DM! He has to be feeling the pressure like never before after that.
  7. PsychicVoiceSpy

    I wish this lawsuit could move quicker, though. I mean, the games Ron and Monica have been playing are so pathetic that I can't see how long they can last before they hand Vic the win by default. But I'm no expert on procedure for these cases, so there might not be anything that can be done to speed things up.

    At least seeing Nick Rekieta break things down and verbally tear KickVic a new asshole provides some catharsis.
  8. PsychicVoiceSpy
    As for Vic getting work in the future, I think there's a chance Funimation and Rooster Teeth will likely never work with him again. However, there's bound to be people lining up to hire him from smaller companies after this, and once his name is cleared, Viz will probably keep sticking with him.

    He's going to keep having a good career. It might not be in the same places, and it might be slightly less anime, but he'll prosper.
  9. PsychicVoiceSpy
    As for the VA's and staff at Funimation who are still decent people who just want to do their job, and not conspire against people who annoy them like Vic for whatever weird reason, I hope they can keep finding work elsewhere, but I think Funimation is a scummy company. I hope this lawsuit really shakes things up in the industry in a way beneficial for the fans, and the workers who aren't snakes.
  10. PsychicVoiceSpy
    Oh, and the way they milk the living hell out of Dragon Ball Z, providing poor products and insulting the intelligence of the show's fans is extra charming.



    The signs point to them being a company that has become complacent, lazy, and disrespectful to their customers because they're the biggest anime distribution company in the west and they can get away with it. If they went out of business, or at least lost some of their hold on the industry here, it might shake things up. However, I think companies like Sentai, Discotek, and Viz would probably be able to pick up the slack and provide the customers a better product.

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