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  1. Troodon2
    4 Weeks Ago
    Hi Jackson I have a question, a new member just joined and says he’s having trouble posting or commenting, specifically in threads. He’s wondering what needs to be done in order to do so.

    Here’s his profile
  2. xstationo
    Hey, I need help posting a TV request for 3 shows; Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Season 1, Season 2 A's, and Season 3 Strikers
  3. IMB
    Hey Jackson, I saw you're working on a Japanese-Korean co-pro called Gon. The English dub for the series doesn't list the actors and their roles. If you're having any difficulty with that, the good news is that some of the foreign dubs do. The Vietnamese one goes by "Khủng Long Gon" and lists a lot of the English cast. Apologies if you already knew this!
  4. huzaifa_ahmed
    Well, like many others on this site, I like Japanese media & its actors (dubs too, but beside the question). I was thinking more in terms of individual folks, than particular titles. Off TOMH, some series in particular that I've wanted clips for, were Final Fantasy, Dragon Ball, Pokémon (the creatures, but also the main human voices) Dark Cloud, & Metal Gear (to contrast between Solid/Liquid Snake, & Raiden's performances). I also would dig more Transformers Japanese clips. We have 1984 Optimus, which is pretty cool.

    Most of my list has their English dub clips accounted for. I can understand if it's low priority.
  5. huzaifa_ahmed
    Hello, Mr. H. I was wondering, is there any place I can submit non-English clips to be added to the site? For credited roles, but also uncredited ones, if possible? Thank you so much.
  6. Digifan
    Important message to all my friends.
    Since no one has done one of my requests, I fear that i'll have to leave you...
    It also means that i'll leave this site forever.
    I shall never return unless someone do my requests.

    Digifan AKA Karim Sahrane "The french dub expert"
  7. Digifan
    I have a very big problem.
    I tried to get some help for foreign dubs, but almost nobody want to help...
    What am i going to do???
    Do you have a solution?
  8. VoteForSirAtlas
    @Jackson_H: At, some links aren't working anymore. Will you please correct them?
  9. VoteForSirAtlas
    @Jackson_H: Why my own "Fight Ippatsu! Jūden-chan!!" dream voice cast was deleted?
  10. VoteForSirAtlas
    @Jackson_H: Why my dream voice casts, like "Haibane Renmei" and "My Love Story!!", were really deleted? Because you didn't like them? Or because there was no actual thought and effort put in these dream voice casts?

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