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  1. Marusero
    Pretty interesting choices you got there, pal! I've listened to Griffin's clip for Akira, and I think that sort of voice could fit Takuya and his Spirit forms—especially the latter, if it was tweaked to sound a bit lower and gruffer. However, I'm curious as to how his Nate voice sounds; would you please post a decent link? As for Clifford… I have to say, his Cabba could fit Takuya as well; and for the Spirit forms? I think his Bakugo voice would pretty much seal the deal. Never thought of them before, but again, they seem interesting. Another choice of mine for Takuya, way before deciding to pick Antony, was Jason Griffith, using his Sonic voice.

    Speaking of Clifford, though, I've been recently considering him for Keisuke Amasawa/Amazawa, the player character of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker's Memory (long name, I know). My other choice for Keisuke would be Max Mittelman (Kousei Arima/Harry Osborn).
  2. Marusero
    Thanks, man, I really appreciate your feedback! If you don't mind, allow me to justify these castings.

    Antony as Takuya: Based on his performance as Pit, at least IMO, Antony could make for a more natural and youthful version of Michael Reisz's take on Takuya. Besides that, using something along the lines of his Silas voice, I also feel like he'd fit Agnimon/Agunimon, Vritramon/BurningGreymon, Aldamon, and KaiserGreymon/EmperorGreymon.

    Cherami as Izumi/Zoe: I honestly feel guilty for this one, considering the fact that a fair amount of the characters she's played are blonde. But… what can I say?

    Ben as Junpei/J.P.: His voice clip for Mega Man inspired this casting. In terms of tweaks, I'd probably make it a tad lighter and more boisterous.

    Brittney as Tomoki/Tommy: Her performances as Black Star and Selim Bradley (not Pride, mind you) sound boyish enough for this little guy.

    Overall, what do you think?
  3. Marusero
    It could be anything, really; I didn't necessarily specify anything.

    Interesting. As for myself, I've been trying to work on a dream cast for Digimon Frontier, though I only have two castings out of the way: Antony Del Rio as Takuya and Cherami Leigh as Izumi/Zoe. Additionally, I've been considering Ben Diskin as Junpei/J.P. and maybe Brittney Karbowski as Tomoki/Tommy as well, but I can't think of a decent VA for Kouji, Bokomon, or Neamon/Neemon.

    Speaking of Final Fantasy, despite my knowledge of the series being scarce, have you heard of Dave Wittenberg (Kefka) as the Joker?
  4. Marusero
    Hey, pal! Any recent ideas for casting choices in general?
  5. DisneyAnimefan1995
    Hey thanks Brave-King-Shishio, for liking the Disney Revival CG Films dream cast post I made, I really appreciate the feedback and compliments for the cast I put down.

    The head-cannon casting choices were months in the making and I didn’t got a chance to post them asap until now, and I got to say I’m very proud with the castings I chose for Rapunzel, Mother Gothel, Cassandra, Elsa, Anna, Ralph, Vanellope and the Big Hero 6 cast (particularly Go Go and Honey Lemon).
  6. NCZ
    Yo! Sorry for the late response. Yeah, I remember you! I did notice you weren't around as much, but that makes sense. Yeah, that's totally fine. If you lost access to your account but you're upfront about it then that's a-okay. As you can see now I did end up approving your account, so you're back to run wild. Enjoy!
  7. PsychicVoiceSpy
    I'm doing pretty well. I've been staying up too late and haven't had as much energy as I'd like for the day to day things that I should be doing, but other than that, can't complain. It'd be stupid to complain about a problem caused by laziness anyway.

    How about you? What's up?
  8. PsychicVoiceSpy
    I sure hope you are Lion's Edge and not some guy who bit out his jugular, dissolved the body with chemicals, and stole his identity. Because if you were, that would be kinda awkward.
  9. Marusero
    Good to know, comrade; good to know.
  10. Marusero
    Hey, man, I've heard about what happened to your original account (Lion's Edge), but at the very least I hope you're doing well.

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