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  1. SupremeTarantulas
    Hey Tyler, became busy with life and am limiting time here to once a week now, or at least once a day.

    Anyway how's your schedule looking right now? Planning on reviving my TF stuff soon.

    Some site related stuff. Nit sure if the site is acting funky but comments are completely gone since the updates to the site, ranging from threads to an entire section.

    I also can't see the replies on my profile, just my comments. The reply section is gone or missing.

    On a public computer so gonna try it on an IPad later.
  2. IMB
    I just noticed I posted this thread in the wrong place. That was meant to be a request for an animation studio page. Should be in here. Sorry.
  3. Metabad
  4. CRE040295
    Because none of administrators or moderators didn't fixed the wrong flag, fixing people's name or fixing release dates mostly the U.S. broadcast dates for Bakugan Battle Brawlers, partly due the the lack of the Quality Control especially among the aforementioned administrators or moderators alike.
  5. CRE040295
    Okay TylerMirage, but six times which that means answers some questions like about the Greek flag error and Emily's last name spelled with an "A" at the end which she never officially never called like that due to a typo error.
  6. wembley
    Hey again TylerMirage,

    I returned to my old request for "Oobi" and found that all of the image links were dead. I had hosted them all on Smugmug back in 2016, before the site merged with Flickr and updated all of its image URLs. I put updated image links on the page a while ago and fixed the problem, but sometime in mid-2017 the request was marked down from High to "Low Priority: Needs Images". Could you bump it back up to High Priority?

  7. Troodon2
    Have you noticed any bugs recently, like how some people's posts would disappear and reappear in conjuncture?
  8. SupremeTarantulas
    Yep. Joker is still alive after what happened to Tim.

    Basically the DCAU cause DC says so.

    So yeah I'll take Marvel's animated "continuity" instead.
  9. SupremeTarantulas
    No. The flashbacks take place after the DCAU killed Joker off but he's shown alive anyway, which makes no sense.

    You haven't seen Return Of The Joker at all or often enough to get what I mean?

    I can link a clip or my thread.

    Need to double check. Jim Henson on either Statler or Waldorf(I confuse them). It might be both.

    I'll let you know if multi tasking was the reason or lack of headphones.
  10. SupremeTarantulas
    Yeah. They use Joker in flashbacks when he's chronologically dead, introduce characters randomly and act like they were in the DCAU, among other things.

    Sounds fun.

    Should've half the first season done if things stay consistent.

    Life just throws out crazy distractions sometimes.

    Quick question though. Don't mean to add this to your list but some of your Muppet VC clips like Statlet and VC's had really low volumes apparently.

    Can that just be fixed with headphones cause I haven't tried yet?

    Or should stuff like that have amped up volumes?

    I couldn't understand some lines after a few tries.

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