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  1. 8000 Saiyans
    20 Hours Ago
    8000 Saiyans
    I managed to find George Tokoro and Ryusei Nakao's renditions of Howard the Duck.

  2. 8000 Saiyans
    23 Hours Ago
    8000 Saiyans
    Kubrick was a mad genius, tricking George C. Scott into thinking that his final performance for the movie wouldn't be used at all.

    Look it up, he actually did that.
  3. Eduard Sommerset
    1 Day Ago
    Eduard Sommerset
    I've heard EPA Deane Got blocked again and this Time it's Permanent.

    Penny for your Thoughts?
  4. 8000 Saiyans
    1 Day Ago
    8000 Saiyans
    Kind of a perfect choice for the German mad scientist.

    Takeshi Aono also had a role in the film, but it was a pretty minor role I believe.

    It would have been interesting if he had played Mandrake and Muffley much like Peter Sellers. Originally, Sellers was supposed to play Major Kong.
  5. 8000 Saiyans
    1 Day Ago
    8000 Saiyans
    I also managed to figure out the Japanese cast for a 1971 dub of Dr. Strangelove.

    Chikao Otsuka - Dr. Strangelove
    Kinya Aikawa - Colonel Mandrake
    Tadashi Nakamura - President Muffley
    Tadao Ikeda - General Turdgison
    Iemasa Kayumi - General Ripper
    Kosei Tomita - Major Kong
    Hisayoshi Yoshizawa - Colonel Bat Guano
    Junpei Takiguchi - Soviet Ambassador
    Nobuo Tanaka - Lieutenant Zogg
    Noriko Watanabe - Tracy
    Takeshi Kuwabara - Captain Owens
  6. 8000 Saiyans
    2 Days Ago
    8000 Saiyans
    The Japanese dubbers for the Best Actor winners in the 90's.

    1990: Jeremy Irons (Goro Naya)
    1991: Anthony Hopkins (Yoshio Kaneuchi/Taro Ishida/Katsunosuke Hori)
    1992: Al Pacino (Nachi Nozawa)
    1993: Tom Hanks (Hideyuki Tanaka)
    1994: Tom Hanks (Masashi Ebara/Koichi Yamadera)
    1995: Nicolas Cage (Koichi Yamadera)
    1996: Geoffrey Rush (Koichi Yamadera)
    1997: Jack Nicholson (Katsunosuke Hori/Masaru Ikeda)
    1998: Roberto Benigni (Yasuyoshi Hara/Koichi Yamadera)
    1999: Kevin Spacey (Ken Terazumi/Hiroyuki Kinoshita)
  7. 8000 Saiyans
    2 Days Ago
    8000 Saiyans
    So, basically these were the seiyuu that dubbed over the Best Actress winners from 2000 to now.

    2000: Julia Roberts (Keiko Toda/Mika Doi)
    2001: Halle Berry (Mabuki Andou)
    2002: Nicole Kidman (Yoshie Taira)
    2003: Charlize Theron (Urara Takano)
    2004: Hilary Swank (Takako Honda/Romi Park)
    2005: Reese Witherspoon (Eri Miyajima)
    2006: Helen Mirren (Akiko Kurano)
    2007: Marion Cotillard (Shinobu Adachi)
    2008: Kate Winslet (Hiroe Oka)
    2009: Sandra Bullock (Yuko Sasaki)
    2010: Natalie Portman (Maaya Sakamoto)
    2011: Meryl Streep (Gara Takashima)
    2012: Jennifer Lawrence (Hiroko Ushida)
    2013: Cate Blanchett (Tomoko Shiota)
    2014: Julianne Moore (Gara Takashima)
    2015: Brie Larson (Shiho Hisajima)
    2016: Emma Stone (Hana Takeda)
    2017: Frances McDormand (Tomoko Shiota)
    2018: Olivia Colman (Takahiko Naagi)
  8. SupremeTarantulas
    3 Days Ago
    Bumping this cause you missed it. Would've been great if it was made for Endgame instead due both franchises getting flicks.

  9. 8000 Saiyans
    3 Days Ago
    8000 Saiyans
    You're right. Koyasu is a much better Joker than Leto was.

    I'm a little surprised that Koichi Yamadera didn't do Deadshot for the Suicide Squad dub.
  10. 8000 Saiyans
    4 Days Ago
    8000 Saiyans
    I imagine that if he hadn't passed away, Daisuke Gori would have played Kilowog in the Japanese dub of the 2011 live-action Green Lantern movie. He would have been perfect casting.

    For the Japanese dub of that movie, Yasunori Matsumoto (Jean Havoc, Gourry) was Hal Jordan.

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