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  1. SNaG
    It's always Reyn time.

    Xenoblade is my all time favorite game. Definitive Edition is my third run through the thing, I'm a crazy person who got the Wii and 3DS versions. The battle system takes some getting used to but it's one of those things that just clicks when it does, IMO. Once you get Dunban it's just fun to experiment with party comps.
  2. SNaG
    That's a shame. The narrator is definitely involved, but he's still very much a bystander. Ah well. Not like I was gonna see that dub anyway.

    And.... I dunno. Maybe Mark Hamill again? To be honest I don't care a lot. I was more amenable to Judgement/Judge Eye's dub since it's a neighbor to Yakuza. I probably won't even try the dub of Y7 when playing it. I love Kaiji and am glad he has a lead role in a big game but after playing the rest of the series in Japanese I don't really care about it.

    Like, if it's union PCB then I know the series is in good hands and won't be like that Lost Paradise FotNS dub, but I still don't particularly care. I genuinely wish that union dub money would go to the MegaTen dubs to get some weird stuff in there.
  3. SNaG
    Wow, that's a shame. Ian's one of my favorite TX actors. Weird.
  4. SNaG
    Only one person has such sh*t... I mean refined taste.

    (the writing style was identical lol)
  5. SNaG
  6. SNaG
  7. Marusero
    Thanks, man! Part of why I think Max and Ray would be great as their respective hedgehogs is because in a way, they sound like their pre-2010 VAs. As for performances that come to mind, imagine Max using his performance as Ryuji for Sonic and Ray using his performance as either Noctis or Yu Otosaka for Shadow.
  8. Marusero
    What do you think of Max Mittelman and Ray Chase as Sonic and Shadow, respectively?
  9. SNaG
    She's definitely a character I wasn't the biggest fan of outright, but after Tatarigorohoshi that changed immensely. Her O-ho-ho-ho gives me a big ole smile every time. Marie in Umineko is similar in that regard, honestly. I remember being super annoyed with her in part 2, but by part 4 or so I adored her.
  10. SNaG

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